Freezing Moments in Time

“A forward a kiss demonstrates a strong intimate intimacy”

Getting into the videography business has always been a passion of mine for many years. Looking through a camera lens, rather it’s through my cell phone or a camera. I like knowing that I can freeze a moment and then go back and reminisce. Upon looking at the photos or videos the memories comes flooding back. Our entire life and knowledge starts with a photograph or video clip. They say that a child learns better with pictures or video clips. They’re able to grasp onto the image and understand the entire subject better than being verbally explained the subject. It’s called photographic memory, I have that, and I cherish it. I can take a slide of photographs or video clips and create and entire story with using words most of the time. You can see the beginning of a person’s journey to the very end of their journey without words. The power of photos and silent video clips can say a lot. Rather it’s a smile at a child or hug from a grandparent or lover. With the perfect tint and shot you can see the love, or the hurt, and their story will be never forgotten. That’s what I like to capture, that’s what I love, and I will like to do for you. Your memory will Never be Forgotten and will Never Die!!

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