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Mathew Knowles and Tina Knowles at the Giorgio Armani Prive Show to celebrate the Oscars. Green Acres, Los Angeles, CA. 02-24-07

Here we are with another post and in this post I will be talking about Matthew Knowles and Tina Lawson aka Tina Knowles. Now, you know I like to give a brief intro so here we go. 

Now to understand their relationship we need to go back in time. Okay, starting with Tina Knowles.  

Celestine Ann Beyince was born January 4, 1954 in Galveston Texas the youngest to 7 children to Agnez DeRouen and Lumis Beyince. The parents of Tina were both french-speaking Creoles of predominantly French, African, Spanish, and Native American descent.

-Tina’s father Lumis Albert Beyince was born in 1910 (also spelled Buyince and Boyance) in Abbeville, Louisiana. He was known for being light-skinned, tall figured and very athletic. He passed away in August 1982. However, because of his work ethic, he was barely at home. So, Tina was very closed to her mother, especially since she was the baby. It was known by the way she speaks so much about her mother. But from what I’ve learned was that her father was very popular in their neighborhood, yes by his looks. But also because he was very outgoing and gregarious. He was of-course fluent in French and longshoreman, and deaf in one ear. 

-Tina’s mother Agnez/Agnus DeRouen of just Dereon was born in 1909 in Delcambre, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana, a town near the city of Abbeville. She died days before independence day in 1980, keep this noted, I will bring this up later. She was well known for her looks. She was light-skinned and very curvy and slim. She was raised in Police Jury Ward 2 in Delcambre in a middle-class neighborhood. She was unfortunately unable to read and write. Tina describe her parents as being very poor, but very mobile. Her parents met at the ages of 15yrs and 16yrs old. Her father Lumis was known for working at the docks. He always wore a pinstripe suit, and well-knotted ties when he wasn’t working at the docks, which wasn’t often. People often thought he was a teacher, because he wore spectacles and he always wore his hair slicked back. Not to mention he was so muscular, tall, and very well-spoken. They’d finally married and settle into Galveston Texas and raise their 3 daughters, and four sons. Because it was a small island she was mainly raised by the beach, she loved the water hence Beyonce. Now, because her parents were so well-spoken and very good looking, they were very popular in their neighborhood. Especially since her mother started getting very well-known for her sewing abilities. I mean raising 7 kids, couldn’t have been easy, she had to get creative. So, she started making beautiful dresses for her and the kids. It started to get a lot of attention and she started getting many wealthy clients who’d paid for her unique designs, that creatively featured appliqués, embroidery, and smocking. Some viewed the designs, with all their beads and jeweled buttons as gaudy. But it was later known for theatrical and not be worn everyday. In small words Tina’s mother had show business in her blood. Which is why she was so popular. Her mother was so creative whereas she upholstered furniture, wallpaper, and painted the house. She did it all, Tina has said that she got most of her talents from her mother. Tina and her siblings attended Catholic school in which mention she called a prison. The nuns were very abusive and angry all the time. Her mother alter the boys uniforms and the nuns as well. Her father chauffeured the nuns around. Her older brother cleaned the church. Tina being the youngest never understood why they were servants to the church. But she the found out later her parents were actually battering for them to go to school. They wanted for their kids, to have something they never had. At that point she promised that she will do the same for her kids.

Sample style from that time period

Because of her experience with the nuns and how they treated her parents and siblings. Tina became a warrior at a young age. She refused to allow the nuns to take her spirit. She vowed then that she would never let anyone decide for her, or fight for, she would fight for herself. She was known to be be assertive and tough-minded. She often displayed a fiery temperament to with the boys she dated. Then as she got older she became no-nonsense. She said she got it from her mother, who was known to be very out-spoken as well, hence Solange. As a young age while in church Tina will hang out on the church steps and kids will gravitate towards her. She was so pretty and popular and had a lot of friends. Not to mention she was very stylish, and loved to wear enormous afro wigs. But anyone who knew her, knew you didn’t want to cross her, because she didn’t play. But this was however the time whereas women were to get married, have children and so on. She never really wanted to live such a restricted life. Just like her mother had been, she too was a feminist. Her mother always told her, to never allow a man, to have a lot of power of you, live your own life.

A well-known group called “Veltones”

Later she formed a girl trio group called Veltones. Her mother designed the costumes. They were mainly known for their costumes as for their talent. They were good, but not the best, they made it to the finals and Tina became the lead. But over time they’d separated. She often said that she didn’t have a lot of role models at the time, who were a fashion designer and so on. But she always had a passion for it. She too, right along with her nephew who was also a seamstress made all their clothes growing up. They were the best dressed in school. She also designed all of her friends prom dresses as well. She later graduated in 1972. Tina wanted to be a doctor or lawyer, or something like that. But most of all she wanted to get out of Galveston Texas. So, later she took classes at Los Angeles community college. While working at World Wide Health Studies, a fitness gym. She then moved to Denver and modeled and there she learned to walk in heels. In this she would find out that they were skills she was learning to use later. Now, Matthew Knowles

Mathew Knowles was born on January 9, 1952 in Gadsden, Alabama in a home he shared with his parents and siblings that was like clapboard shack. Or as Mathew would say it looked more like the house in Sanford and Son with old cars, lumber, copper, old refrigerators. batteries, and so on. His father Matthew Q Knowles whom name is spelled with two “T’s” aside for Mathew‘s with one “T”. He was born on April 4, 1927 and died on December 30, 1996 he was a large man that stood well over 6 feet tall and weighed about 300lbs. He often recalled pretending to watch TV, when he was actually listening to his parents arguing about not being able to live off $30 a week. With the response from his father “that last week it was $50,” and then hearing his mother saying “that 6 kids can’t live off that.” His father then yelled and said “get off my back, i’m doing my best I can” and his mother then stormed away into the bedroom. His father then came and set down by him and told him, that “money can’t buy happiness,” and he thought that his father was headed to a brief chat. But he then said “A-1 credit is, and that being a black man you wont get ahead in this world without it. Always remember to pay your bills on time”. He went to also say that “he has no money but he got A-1 credit”. Then he got up to go calm his mother down. He don’t speak much about his mother Lue Helen, aside for the fact that she was a maid and sewed quilts, and things, and sold fruits and vegetables. She’d died in September 1977, keep this noted too, I will bring this up later. His biggest inspiration was his father as Tina is with her mother. His father worked as a produce truck driver for Stamps and Co. He was nicknamed Big Mack. Because he was well known to be very strong and able to lift heavy items, he was like a machine. Aside for hauling and delivering various items for money. He was also a volunteer fireman, who later became honored for his service for over 20yrs. You see they needed Big Mack to hold the fire hoses, the other small firemen couldn’t without him. He was also known to help put out a lot of lynching in the black neighborhoods. He would often rush into burning buildings to save women and children. He did a lot of this for free. At the time he didn’t realize how poor they were, until much later. Because of his father work ethic and having to take care of 6 children he was away often as most men were back then. There wasn’t an emotional connection with his father, although he did admire him for his work ethic. There wasn’t a connection with his mother either. They had to work too hard and was often very tired by the end of the day. He vowed at an early age to not be that way, but sometimes promises are sometimes half broken.

Moving along here… Mathew was very good in school going from a catholic school to Gadsden City High School. He got good grades and in sports is where he’d distinguished himself. He was very good at teamwork and trustworthy. His coach went on record to say that he wasn’t a very good basketball player, although he was a Hall of Famer. But he was so determine to play and he got a little better, and he was very focused. Because of his determination he had many injuries, at least 5. Now aside for his work ethic he was very popular with the ladies as well. I mean, he was this tall lanky, good-looking drink of water. His nickname was “Pool Stick” even though he wasn’t really good at pool. But it wasn’t his mischievous eyes, athletics, and charm that girls like. It was because of his singing abilities he had a nice singing voice. He had once formed a boy band and used to sing in his Catholic School choir. But due to the times, they were racially divided. You see, Mathew attended a racially divided school. He was among the first generation to attend this kind of school. In Gadsden High black youngsters were begrudgingly welcomed, keyword “begrudgingly”. You see, this was during the segregated times, being dark-skinned was frowned upon. He suffered through it and got a Basketball scholarship to attend University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, being one of the first Africans to enroll there. He then continued his education at Fisk University an elite black university in Nashville. It was different there because being athletic wasn’t liked, being smart was. He then took that to heart and graduated with a degree in business and economics and business administration. He then moved to Houston Texas and worked at a various of jobs, selling insurance, and then finally getting a job at a Xerox Corporation in 1978 selling copiers and duplicators. Then, in 1980 he eventually got promoted to selling medical supplies, and ultrasound technology.

Heck by 1981, he was driving a Jaguar XJ6 and earning a 6 figure salary income. Which was quite unheard of in the 1980’s. Mathew was so driven and determined. They called him a pit bull. He’s not the person whom you can say I’ll get back to you in 15mins. He will keep bothering you till he get what he wanted from you. Oh you couldn’t slack because he would be on you like white on rice, until he was satisfied. 

The Meet 

It was the year of 1978 when Mathew and Tina finally met. She was a secretary at his Xerox company. When he saw her he was wowed, with her long dark wavy hair with red streaks and hazel eyes, not to mention her curvaceous figure. She had gone to a Saturday party with a man that Mathew so happen to know, they locked eyes immediately. They eventually started talking and courted each other thereafter. They then got engaged and it wasn’t that romantic. Tina stayed so well guarded with Mathew because she didn’t trust him completely. The warning signs were all there in the beginning.

Especially when their engagement was announced. You see, most couples pose together, but theirs were with her alone, looking like one of the most celebrated movie stars.

However, they finally married at Holy Catholic Church in Galveston on January 5, 1980. Of-course they entered their marriage very hopeful and with a lot of expectations. But it was far from that. Because her father had a heart attack before their wedding. So instead of a honeymoon, they rushed to Galveston Texas and Mathew went to his parents house to be with his family because they were still in town. Meanwhile Tina stayed at the hospital with her father. But later Tina gets a phone-call from a crying Mathew saying that his grandfather died. Thankfully by Wednesday Tina father pulled through.

But Friday her mother was intensive care, and she later died. It was like everything was falling apart and she then found out she was pregnant. Meanwhile, Mathew wasn’t working as much anymore so their money wasn’t as great for the time being. But Mathew insisted she go for her dreams and enter beauty school. Now, at this point their marriage was so frantic and they were always working. He traveled a lot and she was doing hair on the side to make money.

So, to keep busy and to make more money. She would enter little Beyonce in beauty pageants and singing contests because they notice her singing abilities at a young age. Tina made a lot of money from those contests and pageants. So, she was living through her daughter aka pimping her, still is. Not to mention because of Beyonce beauty and entertaining abilities she would always win many contests. At this point Beyonce wanted to form a girls group. Considering she spent most her childhood performing and traveling. You then wonder why she loves to tour and perform, because she knows nothing else. Meanwhile, Mathew and Tina weren’t really a loving married couple, behind closed doors they were merely partners. They barely knew each other. She often wondered if Mathew ever really loved her.

Mathew did speak out later via Wendy Williams show, and said at that time it was imperative to marry a light-skinned woman because of racism. It took 31 years for them to finally get enough courage to divorce. Tina also went on record to say she wanted to leave their marriage the first year. But she got pregnant and got caught in survival mode and then they had another baby and then the group Girls Tyme, then Destiny Child, it was a whirlwind. But she finally did, and Beyonce was beginning to be a mirrored image of her. Now, let’s get deep… 

Let’s get Deep with the Rumors. …

-Mathew and Tina Divorce rumors and Mathew being fired…

Oh please note that it was Mathew who initially filed for divorce. Which is why Beyonce resented him, and it was rumored that the song Resentment was meant for her parents, but she just changed the years in the song. I mean, not even a year pass whereas Mathew was being seen with someone else and they later married. Then, out of resentment, Beyonce fired her father as her manager, claiming that he was stealing and then the scandal of cheating also fell into his lap. She did it all for her bitter mother. Who’d lied to her kids about their shame of a marriage. Hell, they separated and fell out of love years ago. Oh and as we all know Beyonce career hasn’t been the same since. She’s barely doing a lot of side deals anymore, it all has subsided. Aside for her athletic clothing line, that I hear isn’t doing so well. Too busy being bitter and not able to trust anyone to be her manager. Especially now, that she has 3 kids and she can really use the help, so she can do more stuff. But out of pride, guilt and respect for her mother. I hear she rarely speaks to her father. Even though she misses him and wants to hire him back. But is afraid of what Jay Z, and her mother would say.

Who coincidentally married Richard Lawson who looks similar to Mathew, just saying. Also, because they would have to face that he’s married again and he has moved on, the TRUTH. But yet she’s forgiven Jay Z plenty of times, can we say hypocrite.  

-Tina’s life prior to Mathew

It was reported that Tina was an escort and a prostitute before locking down Mathew. She needed the money to pay for school and to live. Who a secret source told me that Mathew found out later on that she was and men were allegedly paying her for her services for years. Hey they (Mathew and Tina) went on record to say that the sex was good. But she’d got pregnant, and he had a reputation, so they married. But they were never in love. You see, she was at Xerox for a client, she’d never worked there. Mathew loving prostitutes has never change, as we all know.

-Beyonce Lies and Virginity 

Okay as we all know and was told that Beyonce lost her virginity to Jay Z.

Well, that’s not true. Her childhood boyfriend Lyndall Locke did hit it. And he was going to come out with that information. But they threaten to sue him, and paid him to tell an alternate story. Oh do note she had plenty boyfriends before Jay Z.

Beyonce Real Age 

Other Celebrities who had lied about their ages…

Its been told that she was born on September 4, 1981.. well that’s not true. They’d lied about her age so that she seem younger. Because she always acted and spoke like a child. So, that people wouldn’t criticize, they put on record for her to be a lot younger. They’ve been doing this crap for years. They did it with Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Tina Turner and most of the artists back in the day, and now. Anyway, you see the image of the perfect family and married couple in which they had to sell was serious. You see, Mathew and Tina weren’t married when Beyonce was born. Beyonce was born between 1976-1979

Facts and Evidence

Mathew slipped up one day on the radio when he said that Beyonce was around the age of Usher and Pink who were born in 1978 and 1979, 

-Then Gabrielle Union had said that Beyonce and she have been friends as teenagers and that they had the same hairstylist. Gabrielle was born in 1972. 

Oh but there’s more…. 

Now, you all remember when I said to note her grandmother dying. Well take a look at this video and then we’ll talk 

Now, you all have just heard me say that her father’s mother died on September 1977, and his father died on December 30, 1996.

Date Altered

And Tina’s mother died on July 1, 1980 before independence day, and her father died in August 1982 . If you don’t believe me, go and check for yourself. But here you see Beyonce who looks to be between 4 or 6yrs old, because she looks the same age and height of Blue Ivy her daughter at that age.

In this video timestamp 1:08 Beyonce is reportedly the same age as the picture above. But Solange who was born in 1986 looks to be about 1 or 2yrs old. Which, again coincides with the year above in the magazine 1988.
Lost Footage of Beyonce /Girls Tyme recorded in 1991. Beyonce looks to be about 11 or 12yrs old. She has breasts.

Oh and The Jacksons toured the US before 1980, assuming he’s talking about Tina’s mother. They last tour at the time was between 1979-1980, called Destiny World Tour, hence the name. Oh also note Solange who was born June 24, 1986 and looked to be barely 1-2yrs old in the video. So, again if they were going to only a Michael Jackson concert, the only concert in that time frame was Michael Jackson Bad World tour which began in September 12, 1987, and they didn’t hit Houston, Texas til April 1988. Long after her grandmother, Tina’s mother died in 1980. You need more proof. Well, just look at her style and her influences. She acts like a woman who was born in the 70’s. The year and age that Mathew said on the radio.

Oh, don’t get me started on Jay Z who’s rumored to be in his 50’s and look it. Oh, and Beyonce having a huge crush on Lebron James and rumored to have had an affair. That’ll be another video. Well that’s it tell me your thoughts below… Oh, don’t forget to Subscribe, Like and Share. and also, don’t forget to follow my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook I post on them everyday, hope to see you all there, love you all bye…


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