Did you all hear about the R Kelly special winning MTV Movie and TV award for Best Documentary. Of all movies that could’ve won, they give that one. Why? Well, let’s examine the evidence shall we. 

-Well first I just want to notate that MTV has always been somewhat racist. You see, when they’d started back in 1981, at the time there was at-least one black face on the network. Who was J.J Jackson the sole African American on MTV’s roster of video jockey’s or VJ’s they became known. But despite Jackson’s presence, they still faced racism for giving scant airtime to videos featuring people of color.

MTV executives of-course denied that racism was at the root of the network’s “blackout,” with saying that black artists received little airplay because their music didn’t fit the channel’s rock-based format, Uh huh. However, was that format done on purpose to have an excuse to not include black people on their tv line up. Well, later on that format change because of the King of Pop, the man that’d change everything and laid the path for the future black artists. 

Michael Jackson came onto the scene with “Billie Jean”, now at the time they were fighting over rather or not to put “Billie Jean” on their network. But the single was number one everywhere, and after persuasion from  Michael Jackson team and the fans. They finally pay the video on heavy rotation and that opened the door for future artist until these recent allegations. Oh there’s more… Take a look at this.

Oh I’m still not done yet, and guess what Viacom is the company that funds MTV. They’re like the foundation to there success and guess what y’all Viacom is in bed with Donald Trump and have been for many years. They even supported his campaign.

So, when the opportunity came for them to gloat on the downfall of an influential Artist such as R Kelly. Who Also paved the way for many, aside for his many transgressions. Well, they had to gloat and make it known. Now, these ignorant women who didn’t know that they were being used to assassinate their own kind, by ways of the network keeping their hands clean. So, now they get rewarded, and they’re up there crying and they have no idea, that they were being used. Ignorance is bliss for those who benefits from it.


Okay first of all, it’s so funny that the media is so easy to report about about R Kelly, but not Jeffrey Epstein or Donald Trump whom he’s been affiliated with him. Whom he’s rumored to have rubbed elbows with, oh yes. I guess he didn’t want to be exposed. Anyway, getting back to this video. R Kelly is literally in jail for alleged charges that was charged back in the 90’s. Meaning, that there wasn’t anything to charge him with so they had to dish up something. I mean, there hasn’t been any known record or solid evidence of any involvement since the 90’s to stick him with. However, they are saying that he may be  a danger to the community, especially to minor girls. They also claim the risk of obstruction is real and ongoing and has also heightened by his fame and power. Oh I’m not done yet, they went in. They also said that he has the unique ability to influence and intimidate witnesses and victims and claims that he has continued to this day. Meanwhile, R Kelly pleaded “Not Guilty” and his lawyer Steve Greenberg fired back in saying that R Kelly has already surrendered his passport and he also noted that he doesn’t fly so he’s not flight risk. Greenberg also says that, to his knowledge, Kelly didn’t miss any court dates in his 2008 trial. Speaking of that trial, Greenberg responded to allegations that the case was rigged, saying R. Kelly faced a jury of his peers, and not a bench trial.

Greenberg also says that R. Kelly has voluntarily shown up to every court hearing in his current case, despite the fact the prosecution insists he’s been a flight risk. And he hasn’t run, and Greenberg hit the point home by saying, “How could he flee? He has no money.” Greenberg does note that R. Kelly’s Trump Tower rent is paid up through December or January. Now, back to the allegation that R. Kelly is a threat to minors to this day, Greenberg says all but one of the allegations against Kelly dates back to the ’90s, and that “there’s no evidence that he’s a risk to minors at all at this point.” As I’d just said. Greenberg also says there’s no evidence of witness tampering. There’s one more argument from Greenberg here … he says the fact that R. Kelly can’t read or write would make it difficult to go over discovery with him in jail. He also says Kelly makes for a difficult prisoner because of his notoriety and implications that come with that.

The judge seemed to side with prosecutors, though, saying the child porn charge alone comes with a “presumption of detention.” He was ordered to be held in jail without bond, yes they’re pulling a Bill Cosby on him. As you all know 

He was arrested in Chicago on 2 new federal indictments. But of-course while he’ll remain locked up. We know R Kelly will have the support of his 2 alleged sex slaves — Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary. The women who were right behind him in court presenting a united front — just like they did during his February bond hearing, oh yes. Meanwhile, these young ladies did live stream to address the rumors. Take a look

But please notate that they have yet to present any videos of anything, real videos that is. It’s all just alleged and this point. Oh, and this isn’t to side with anyone. I’m only here for justice and fairness. But if it has shown that R Kelly really had done this or still doing this, if he ever has, he should pay. Oh, and if you know anyone who is in the same position such as these claims, please report to the nearest police. Don’t stay quiet.

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