I’ve had it with Youtube😡

You see, Youtube has flagged every last video for review. They’ve been doing it for months now. On all of my platforms.

I am getting so frustrated. I can’t truly express myself. I gotta keep it, PG and somewhat kid-friendly. Oh, don’t let any video of mine go viral too quickly, they will flag it and put little to no ads on it. I am currently involved in other projects. Then hopefully with luck, I can FINALLY leave youtube and their bias ways. I can’t continue running in place and/or hitting a brick wall. I mean, you know how it feels to work hard on preparing a video. To have them flag it, immediately. Then upon them flagging it, your video/channel doesn’t show up on the search list. Meanwhile, other YouTubers, who are very lazy with their information. And just read whatever some blog says, maybe add a little adlib. No, really good journalism or going deep as I do. Just basic and boring. But they get views, and they’re making lots of money. I barely make anything. There were times whereas I got paid down to the cents the same amount for months straight. How is that physically possible, I don’t know. My husband thinks it’s crazy as well. I believe Youtube has more power over our channels and money then they’re telling us. I also believe they only allow the big channels to do and say what they want. Oh, and of-course the channels that obey. I also know that they hate free thinkers and people like me. I can change and diminish myself to what they want. But my channel and any other platform that I have on their dime. Will always and have always be stamped as a threat and closely watched. I’ve started other projects and I’m also getting a promotion. So, then I will leave Youtube forever, I’VE HAD IT! But I will first ask for some legal advice and take my story viral. I may even sue!!

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