Actress Marsai Martin Something is Strange? Let’s Talk🤔

I will be talking about the young actress on Blackish name Marsai Martin. As a mother, I have to speak, because something isn’t right.

Caila Marsai Martin was born on August 14, 2004, in Little Elm, Texas, even though I’ve heard that she was born in Plano, Texas, as well. She is the daughter of Carol and Joshua Martin. Her acting career started after a glamour pictorial photographer gave them discount in exchange for her father’s promise that he would submit the photos taken to talent agencies. After her photos were sent out to four agencies and one of these immediately signed her. Then at age five, she landed her first national commercial for Choice Hotels. Details regarding her education history remain mostly unclear. As of 2019, Marsai is being homeschooled to concentrate on her fast-growing career. Heck, lately, she has landed into a dozen TV projects –among which included a brand-new role at the ABC pilot series, Black-ish. Reportedly, the producers had auditioned over 100 people, but after Martin read her lines, they knew they had found their perfect match. Through the series entire five seasons, she would display exceptional skill, which was unlike any girl her age. When asked about Marsai, Black-ish creator Kenya Barris described her as

“a little ball of talent-wise beyond her years.”

Whether talent or skill, she no doubt surpassed everyone’s expectations, which led to her nominated for numerous awards and nominations. Marsai Martin was nominated for six NAACP Image Awards and two screen actors Guild Award under ‘Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series.’ She eventually grabbed two NAACP Image Awards and one Young Artist Award. She has featured as the
-“Young Girl on Tape” in the 2016 film “Nina,”
“Melody Ellison” in the 2016 Film “An American Girl Story –Melody 1963” in “Love Has to Win.”
-“Hannah” in the 2017 film ‘Fun Mom Dinner,’
-“Kira Anderson” in the 2017 short film, “Lemonade Mafia.”


The list goes on and on, and yes, her father is her manager, and yes, she’s supporting her entire family at the age of 15yrs old. Her family setting is also set with chores to do and instructions to adhere too. Besides schooling at home, her parents tried keeping her activities in a typical household setting. She isn’t allowed to have a boyfriend yet, because her parents want her to concentrate on her career. Her, idol is Beyoncé; she even met her at the White House Easter Egg Roll.

Let’s Get Personal

As you can see, she is a very talented young girl and has a very bright future. She’s only 15yrs old, and she’s wearing make-up and is sprouting out already. She was sprouting long before, and many young girls are known to do that, I was. But I’m worried about is, what Hollywood and greed will turn her, and also her parents into. Will this be another Lindsey Lohan story, or Macaulay Culkin or Gary Coleman. I mean, will the money that to be saved in a trust fund be there when she turns 18 or 21. Or will she end up with nothing like Gary Coleman and Macaulay Culkin? I check her Instagram, and her father is pimping the heck out of her. I hope I’m wrong. She works all of the time. I pray that this young talent whom I see great things for, stay safe and think smart. Hollywood has a way of turning young children into things I can’t mention on here. Just look at Amanda Bynes, and the Olsen Twins. I pray for success and a lot of peace of mind. I hope she stays grounded. Well, that’s it; tell me your thoughts below. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to all of my platforms.

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