Mathew Knowles may have told Beyonce’s Real Age | Here’s the Tea 🍵

It has come to my attention about a video, that shows allegedly young Beyonce, tale a look

Now, there are some concerns with this video, one of them being the person interviewing Beyonce. Many speculated that it might be Kris Jenner.

However, there are some questions about that speculation.
One being, when did Kris Jenner ever host a show and not only that, when did she ever host in Texas us assuming this was in Texas. Furthermore, and if you look closely, she looks pregnant. But that’s the other problem, Mathew said that this was in 1992 and that Beyonce was 11yrs old. It’s funny how they make sure you know her age.

Now, keep that in mind, because this next one will stump you.

-Kris Jenner was never pregnant in 1992, she was pregnant in 1987, with Robert Jr, and 1995 with Kendall and 1997 with Kylie. You see, where I’m going with this? Yes, that means that this was in 1987 and if Beyonce was 11yrs old assuming this was in 1987, that she means she was born 1976. Which is coincidentally around the ages of singers Pink and Usher, whom Mathew said she was in the first place. That also means in those 1992 videos; she was 16yrs old. Meaning, I hate to say this. Beyonce may have had a speech impairment growing up, not to mention her heavy country accent.

Here’s more proof…

Here’s a pics of what it seems to be baby Solange and Beyonce. At first glance, no big deal. Until out of pure boredom, I decided to investigate some of the things in the pics. With that said, let’s start with this picture.

Okay, you see, Beyonce and Solange, and toddler Solange is carrying some Lays Chips. Now, to prove that these chips and this pic are, in fact, from the ’80s. I found that design. So, yes, this picture was taken in the ’80s. Because Lay’s used this design with the bold letters of “Big Grab” at the top, they immediately change their conception in 1990. Now, to go deeper to prove what time frame this is.

I found the magazine that Tina was reading, and as you can see, it was from 1988. So, that means Solange was 2yrs old in the picture. Oh, I’m not done yet…

There was a picture, and in the description, it said it was taken in 1990. But remember what I’d said earlier, about the magazine and the year, which means that they’re lying about this year. That the pic was taken long before 1990, and the video with Beyonce recording her video shoot was in 1987.

How I know, because of the display in the background that said Saturday, September 12,. Now, here’s the tricky part. You see, they tried to trick us into thinking that it was from 1992, because there is a Saturday, September 12, 1992. But what threw it off was that age gape and appearance of Beyonce in this picture. I mean she was clearly was the same age she was around the birth of Solange, if she was born in 1976. Saying that this picture was taken 1985 or 1986 just before the birth of Solange in 1986, which will put her at about 9 or 10yrs old. Which is what they claim the age she was in the first place. But they just lied about the year. Then 1- 2 years later in the year, she recorded the video shoot, hence magazine in the background I’d showed you. But here’s the tricky part, the magazine said 1988. Beyonce clearly look the same age she was in the younger pic and the video of her dancing. Meaning, that the if that video was recorded in 1988, and they’re claiming it was in 1990. When archives are showing Beyonce in her teens, about 14 or 15yrs old in 1991.


Watch Full Video Below

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