Second Week of Work “Almost Kissed” Journal Entry 4 (01/6/2020)


I went to work, ready to learn as much as possible. But there’s always meetings and phone conferences. I feel like I’m at a constant fast pace. However, I can get used to that. It’s not easy on my feet in my heels. Hey, a small sacrifice, LOL. Anyway, oneday, he and I had to drive over to another location to view their mailroom. We decided to take his car. Before the drive over there, we accidentally touched each other in the car. I was trying to get the seat belt on, but it kept locking. He offered some assistance because it happens often. That’s when it happened. While he leaned over, he and I came very close, and my breast brushed against his chest, not on purpose, not my fault they’re big. I guess he may have got a rise out of it, and he paused and looked me in the eye, and then down to my lips. As if he was asking for permission to kiss me. Thankfully, my phone started ringing, it was my husband. The moment was gone, and he locked my seatbelt and began to drive. After the meeting, the drive back was in silence. Upon getting out of the car, we didn’t look at one another, just said, “see ya later.” I didn’t see him for the remainder of the day. But that question stills ponders, what if…


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