YouTube Finally Gave Me My Button!!♒️

I’ve meant to tell all of you. But I was raised not to brag and when and if I ever did, I may lose it all. So, there is a bit of superstition in the reason not to brag. Aside from that, I don’t think it’s ladylike or conservative. So, I kept it as my little secret of success. Heck, I didn’t even broadcast reaching 100,000 subscribers.


You see, I like to be incognito and in the shadows and behind the scenes. I’m not too fond of the spotlight. But being an Aquarius, the spotlight finds you, and we’re artistic creators versus narcissistic spotlight craving people. However, we do have a temper when and if it’s get seen. But it does take a lot to piss us off. Because of our high tolerance level, and big heart.

With that said, Thank You, YouTube. I am never ungrateful, and I am very much appreciative of the opportunity to create videos and bring awareness despite my disregard for somethings. But I am Grateful and Thank You.





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