Rinna’s lips are sealed about her at-home remedies, sources say THEN NOW

SURGERY-STARVED Lisa Rinna has taken her lockdown facial fix-ups into her own hands — with what pals and surgeons are calling disastrous results! “She’s missing her visits to the plastic surgeon and trying to compensate with at-home remedies, like plumping lip liners — but it’s backfiring big-time!” snitched an insider.

The 56-year-old duck-lipped diva — who admits she’s had her kisser plumped since she was 25 — dropped jaws with her shockingly surreal appearance on a recent episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

“Her lips look deformed, like they’ve been stung by a bee and she can’t even close them!” insiders said.


While Lisa’s rep denied it, doctors agree the former “Melrose Place” star’s

DIY treatments are duds. “Her lips are incredibly overdone,” said Dr. Dave E. David, a Massachusetts plastic surgeon who believes Lisa may have caused permanent damage to her face. “The lower lip should be a third larger than the upper lip, which is far too exaggerated and seems to cover her upper teeth!”


Michigan surgeon Anthony Youn agreed, saying: “She’s such a natural beauty that she doesn’t need any more treatments, especially to her lips!” She’s had her lips done and redone a few times, according to another insider, “but now they look absolutely frightful!

The doctors quoted in this article have not treated Lisa Rinna.


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