Jennifer Lopez set to play cocaine Godmother Griselda Blanco. But is she right for the role?

I know many of you have heard about this through grapevine of Jennifer Lopez taking the role of one of the most vicious female criminals in history a drug queen pin who murdered 250 people in a brazen bid to win an Oscar! The 50 year-old bombshell, who last played a glamorous stripper in the hit movie “Hustlers”, says killer cartel boss Geisel da Blanco – who dispatched her victim when she was 11- has “forever fascinated” her. She also hopes the range she will display in the movie, which will be called The Godmother, will pay off during awards season. This criminal, is notorious ambitious conniving, chilling, notes J.Lo.

Says federal prosecutor Stephen Schlesinger: Blanco was a complete sociopath. She murdered people at the drop of a hat. She would kill anybody who displeased her-because of debt, because they screwed up on a shipment or she didn’t like the way they looked at her. To play the role, hottie J.Lo will undergo a complete transformation into a replica if she wants to play the five foot Griselda who had an ugly mug, deep jowls and weighed a chunky 150 pounds, Despite her dumpy looks the ruthless and cruel bisexual had three hubbies- all of whom she killed! And had a fortune worth $2 billion dollars before she was assassinated at the age of 69 by a gunman who pumped two slugs in her head while she was buying meat at a butcher shop in 2012.

The Godmother was born in 1943, and she pulled her first big crime at the age of 11yrs old when was she kidnapped a 10-year-old and then blew his parents brains out when his parents wouldn’t cough up the ransom. She soon worked as a prostitute, and yes she was underage. Later around 13yr old, she wedded a hustler name Carlos Trujillo, and then bearing him 3 kids before divorcing him and later having him killed. Griselda, who lived in New York and then in Miami in the 1970’s and 80’s before serving time in the U.S and being deported back to her homeland. She later wed two more times and also had those hubbies killed, and earning her the nickname black widow. At one point the murder count was so high Miami’s medical examiner had to rent out a Burger King refrigerated van to keep the corpses on ice. Former cartel enforcer Jorge Ayala says Griselda “enjoyed” the bloodbaths, noting: “Every day she’d say, We’ve got to get rid of so-and-so.” Actor Mark Wahlberg believes the role will get J.Lo what she so desperately craved, an Academy Award. J.Lo has wanted to play this role for many years. She has went on record to saying she would be glad to gain 20lbs and receive make-up and mask for the rest to play this role. I honestly don’t think she neesds to transition that much.

But to be honest, I think, Justina Machado will be a better fit. J.Lo already got to play the late Selena Quintanilla Perez and that was her big break, let someone else. Tell me what you all think below?

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