All of this is all propaganda to stop voting and prevent change for the better. They’re doing this by any means necessary. For example, the events that’s transpired since the announcement of this BS coronavirus nonsense.

Now, if you’ve been following me, you know that I don’t believe in this corona nonsense, my husband does. But he still believes in many ridiculous things, despite the evidence. With that said, I see some of you forgot.




-A fake leak announced the Coronavirus in December 2019 from China. Hence, most of our goods, etc., comes from China.


-Kobe died in a plane crash on January 26, 2020 –No deaths from the Corona were reported, despite the airports, train stations, etc. being open.


-It’s now March, and Gates, and his friends down in CDC pressure Trump to ban travel. He does, You see, Trump is nothing but a puppet to the sick racists, blood-sucking, pedophiles billionaires that are really in charge. They know Trump is an idiot. Which is why they want him to stay up there. Because he’s racist and naïve, they can make America white again-you see.


It’s now March, and the countdown has commenced, and they have until election time to stray voters or ignite martial law. But the one thing they don’t want is to have a Democrat elected. Because they fear that if they do, the Republicans won’t stand a chance in future elections. So, what do they do, they kill off some people and fake the rest. You see, they have to instill fear. They do that for a couple of months. Get some stupid sheep celebs to help create fear, and then it’s on.


The fear lasts for a few months, or so, while that’s happening, TikTok, a Chinese video-sharing app, takes off. But what it also reveals in the truth behind the lies the hospitals are reporting. I made some videos about it, of-course YouTube blocks it, nothing new there. It shows nurses creating dances, and so on. They have time to do this in the middle of this chaotic epidemic.

But businesses were losing money,

It’s now May, and the killing of George Floyd among the inconsistencies of this corona nonsense was forgotten, forcing people out. Now, here’s how they’d used that to ignite Plan B. I say Plan B because they are now going to use the riots to extend the scare of the BS COVID, by saying that there has been an uprising to COVID since the riots. But they need more chaos, and they need more drama.


Thinking Plan B for extension of Corona will crash the stock market. So, Plan C-


-Plan C is to use the riots and the anger to ignite Martial Law- hence they started hanging people, and then the news which is run by these sick billionaire leaches, and advertise the hell out of it. Now, people are rioting more. And they want this to extend until November, just in time for elections. And I stand corrected when I said that Trump trying to prevent the mail-in ballots because of blah blah, not sure of my exact words. But now I stand corrected because mail-in votes are precisely what he wants. They’re easy to be forged and rigged. You see, Trump uses the same tactic the last time when he said that the election was rigged. But what we all didn’t know who the election was rigged in who’s favor-His.


You see, the plan is to scare people inside the house, around election time, or ignite Martial law either or will do. Oh, and these are the wealthy billionaires pulling strings with the help or naïve Trump who easily manipulated.

The clock is ticking, and time is running out. This is their last chance, and trust me, they’re just getting started. The big cup raw is yeti come. These racist groups of people are aching to act like fools. After all, most of these people are descended from those racist fools from the past. Well, that’s it. Let me know your thoughts below. On that note, don’t forget to subscribe, share, like, and hit that bell so you can get notifications for when I post more videos. See ya later!


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