“I can’t breathe:” Woman zipped boyfriend inside suitcase, filmed as he suffocated, deputies say

Video shows Sarah Boone told victim: "For everything you’ve done to me" ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A 42-year-old Orlando woman is accused of zipping her boyfriend inside a suitcase during a game of hide-n-seek and leaving him to die as he called out her name, according to an Orange County arrest affidavit. Sarah Boone was arrested... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 and the 5g Conspiracy -What are the Facts? | Why are so many big tycoons stepping down?

Okay, we all heard about the science behind this epidemic. I expressed it here, and I broke down the science behind it, pretty standard talk. But as I dug deeper and learned more. I even went far as to listen to tarot readings. But there was something that puzzled me regarding the coronavirus being some... Continue Reading →

CORONA VIRUS- How was it created? Was there signs? Is it a Conspiracy or an Agenda Behind it?

Okay first of all the misinformation in pertaining to the Corona Virus needs to be addressed. You cannot catch it by touching someone. You get this just like any other flu or illness. But the only difference is, it can be deadly. But it varies between individuals, just like the flu. So, yes, wash and sanitize... Continue Reading →

God Osiris Grave was Allegedly Found-But why the Secret?

Did you all know they found the grave, that was guarded by demons? Nevertheless, here's the thing, why the secret? Why not tell the whole world of this big find? Let us dive deep… https://videopress.com/v/TjEMrhiY?preloadContent=metadata It has come to my attention that they found the grave of God Osiris, but here's the crazy part. They... Continue Reading →


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