This Man From Alabama is in Prison For Life For Stealing $9 in 1982

This Man From Alabama is in Prison For Life For Stealing $9 in 1982 Escambia County, AL — Willie Simmons, a 62-year old Black man from Alabama, has been behind bars for the last 38 years for stealing $9. He was convicted of 1st-degree robbery and was sentenced to life without parole in 1982 due to Alabama’s... Continue Reading →

NO CAM DO |Cop lies caught on own bodycam ‘lying’ about suspect’s DWI breath test

VID FUROR: stopping Yael Glantz (inset), whose lawyer accuses the cop of lying about her breath test result and later leering at her at the police station. Busted! An NYPD cop was caught by his own body camera leering at Yael Glantz (pictured) following her DWI arrest in Midtown — and then lying about the... Continue Reading →

Ghost of child ‘caught on camera playing by the stairs inside haunted house in the middle of the night’

A HOME security camera has picked up what one some have claimed is the ghost of a small boy and his pet. Footage shows a living room with a cat sitting in the middle but at the side a misty outline enters in the bottom right hand corner. All appears normal in the living... Continue Reading →

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