Aaliyah-Said “Someone Was Following Her” and also 16 Facts about Her Life

It seems Aaliyah was afraid of flying, and she felt uneasy about boarding the plane because of the size of the plane. Take a look at this clip from YouTube Channel Nicki Swift. It has reported that Aaliyah had spoken a month before her death about her favorite dream, this is what she had said,... Continue Reading →

R. Kelly’s Famous Friends Have Donated Large Sums Of Money For His New Legal Defense — His Current Lawyer Is Resisting

The case against R Kelly is so sketchy. They have no evidence to keep him jail. The charged their charging him on, are years old, and from the 90's. Which is pass statutory limitation period. But when you have shady people in power who hates people of color getting by, they're treated unfair and is... Continue Reading →


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