Megan Thee Stallion dissed Jennifer Lopez/J-Lo for Beyonce-for Remix

Hello all welcome to The Truth Show. In this post, I will be talking about the behind the scenes drama between Megan thee Stallion, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyoncé. Did you all know that JLo wanted to do a remix with Meghan, oh yes, let's talk? It was a quarantine day when I so happened to... Continue Reading →

Mathew Knowles may have told Beyonce’s Real Age | Here’s the Tea 🍵

It has come to my attention about a video, that shows allegedly young Beyonce, tale a look Now, there are some concerns with this video, one of them being the person interviewing Beyonce. Many speculated that it might be Kris Jenner. However, there are some questions about that speculation.One being, when did Kris Jenner... Continue Reading →

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