Ex-Honolulu officer who forced homeless man to lick urinal sentenced to 4 years in prison

A former Honolulu police officer who forced a man to lick a urinal in a public bathroom was sentenced Wednesday to four years in prison. John Rabago pleaded guilty in December to civil rights violations stemming from the January 2018 incident during which Rabago told the man that, "If you lick the urinal you won’t get arrested." Rabago and another... Continue Reading →


A WOMAN who demanded to fly out of an airport while naked was arrested — and stripped of her freedom! Investigators says Mariel Vergara, 27, strolled up to the Spirit Airlines counter at New Orleans’ Louis Armstrong International Airport in her altogether and refused to leave when staffers told her she wouldn’t be allowed aboard... Continue Reading →

NO CAM DO |Cop lies caught on own bodycam ‘lying’ about suspect’s DWI breath test

VID FUROR: stopping Yael Glantz (inset), whose lawyer accuses the cop of lying about her breath test result and later leering at her at the police station. Busted! An NYPD cop was caught by his own body camera leering at Yael Glantz (pictured) following her DWI arrest in Midtown — and then lying about the... Continue Reading →


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