CIARA and 50 Cent- What Really Happened? | Who’s Really Playing Games?

Hello all welcome to my Website/Blog, and in this blog I will be talking about the relationship between 50cent and Ciara and others. As requested by a truth seeker. Have you ever wondered?

I know most of you have already heard of the rumors about these two, but before I get into all of that let’s talk about some of Ciara relationships, because it seems that people forgot her history and put her on a virgin good girl pedestal and I know you Ciara fans will hate me for this, but what is the name of this channel, yes the truth show. So, here we go…

She’d dated BowWow back in 2004, she was 19yrs old at this time and this is when he was still BowWow, and 21yrs old and they even did a song together called “Like You”. There were rumors swirling around that Bow Wow was unfaithful and in 2006 they called it quits. However, something that many people did not know about the former couple is that they were actually engaged. The rapper revealed during an episode of Growing Up Hip Hop that he asked Ciara to marry him back then and she said yes. This is what he’d said, “I was engaged to Ciara and I was engaged to Erica [Mena]. You know I let things in the past that I know was wrong affect my engagement[s],” he admitted.

Then there’s player 50 cent who doesn’t know how to settle down with anyone. Anyway, they’d dated back in 2007, when she was 22yrs old at this point, he was 32yrs old. You should also know that they also did a song together called, “Can’t Leave him Alone” whereas she was practically butt naked while holstered on him. Although she’d denied that he’d hit it, but the streets talk and he did several times. But maybe he didn’t, who knows. However, this is what they both said about their union and she said about Bow Wow, “He’s been my best friend for years … That’s pretty much the situation,” she told talk show host Wendy Williams. “I haven’t really had the chance to do like dating over the years from my relationship with the young Bow Wow. I just really want to take my time, because that’s what it’s about.”

She was also leaked to Amar’e Stoudmire, they’d dated in 2011, this was around the time she came out with her song called, “Ride” you know the song whereas she was practically naked and humping the floor. Anyway, they broke up and he’d married the mother of his children shortly after. Upon asked she gave her rehearsed response “I wish them nothing but success on that.”

Then there’s the infamous relationship with serial cheater “Future:”they’d started dating in 2013 and of-course he was featured in her video “Body Party” and they got engaged and that was rumored to have been nothing but a P.R move to seal her good girl image, and the fact that she got pregnant so fast and the relationship wasn’t that serious. Well, at-least not to Future, he was only having fun.

But her being single didn’t last that long and she ended up dating Russell Wilson 2 years later and they got engaged and married a year later and they had their daughter shortly after. But let’s go back to her relationship with Future.

Well it seems back in 2015, Future did an interview with HuffPost live about whether he and Ciara waited for some time to have sex. And that question was prompted by Russell Wilson’s revelation that God told him “to lead Ciara and practice abstinence with her in their new relationship.” But like I’d said before with Future she didn’t wait. This is what he’d said about that in reference to what Russell had said, “God didn’t tell me [that],” and he went on to say. “God told me something else,” he said, grinning. (Laugh) I don’t mean to mean to, but that was funny. But what he’d said next made me finally see her in a different way, he’d said this, “We’d prayed afterwards, though. After we did it, we prayed,” Future said, laughing. So, with this new outlook I must say that she definitely stay true to her beliefs. So, this sex vixen that she like to parade naked in her videos and on stage, is just her image to sell records. I still however will not take back what I’d said about Russell and her record sells. But I am glad to hear that she does practice absintence, although from what I’d heard of Russell and she, didn’t wait. But they were told by their team to keep the facade that they had.

So, I don’t know, but you and I can clearly say that many people are not what they seem. I mean take a look a Janet Jackson, she sells sex and she doesn’t sleep around like that. Just an image. Tell me your thoughts below.

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  1. Tammy says:

    Ciara has always said she’s not innocent. So stop basing her off of what fans or other people say, that’s yall problem. Janet dated about the same amount of guys. Use your platform for something positive and stop judging someone from past experiences.


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