Donald Trump the 45th President Elected maybe the Antichrist

Donald Trump is going to be our new president elected. How I have no idea? But there are so many theories surrounding it. Let’s breakdown all of them. Also note, I wrote this in 2016…

1st Theory

Donald Trump will drive America to bankruptcy and ignite World War 3. Because he had a secret deal with Putin to allow Putin to some of America’s secrets and promise to make Russia jointed with America to take down some prominent countries, because of greed. But he must be president. Meaning Putin is playing Trump like the fool he is, and is using the threat of WW3 to scare the electoral college and keep Trump as the president-elected. So, he can finally achieve his plan to finally conquer Isis along with other countries. He has said out of his own mouth that he doesn’t like the Clinton’s. Because she didn’t want to partner up with him if she’s elected to conquer Isis, she doesn’t trust him. You see Hillary think Putin will try anything for world domination. You see Putin knows that if Hillary was elected he may just lose the war he’s been prepping for, and of-course her being a woman doesn’t make it any better. With the lack of experience and naïve Trump he will stand a chance. Just pretend to be his friend, and then turn into the Beast. Because it’s been foretold the electoral college wanted to vote Trump out. Because Donald Trump will “Make America Great Again” by which trying to white dominate and promising all world leaders whatever they want. Also, promising to turn back the hand of time and segregate America.

2nd Theory

Donald Trump will be the black knight and unite world peace and ignite the new world order, with one religion and one ruler. That he will befriend all world leaders and bring them all together and make us united nation. Now, the problem with this theory is that it completely contradicts the wall that he wants to build to close out immigrants, importation, and also shutting down Medicare, and talking about disabled people. So, it seems that Donald is trying to segregate America, from race, class and relevance to anyone like him.

3rd Theory

Donald Trump is the prepper for the Antichrist and he will bring war, poverty and bloodshed. You see, the prophecy say Trump will be impeached and his death will ignite WW3 by Putin. Then, that’s when the book of Revelation will take place. But I have a deeper belief and that the Gods or Goddesses (depending on your beliefs) will not allow that. Then, that’s when the true ruler will be revealed and the truth will be told and then there will be peace after the storm.

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