Here we are with the beginning of a new blog list. That I’m calling “Showbiz Reviews”. In this series I will be giving my feedback on certain Upcoming Movies, Tv Shows etc,. As always I will dig deep. With that being said let’s talk about Will Smith new movie Aladdin.

As you should know, Will Smith was getting lynch on one of his upcoming movies called “Aladdin”. It seems that they’re having mixed emotions on rather they should hate it or not. First they were complaining about the Genie being blue or not. So, they’d released a clip showing that he is. But what does it really boils down too, take a look at this clip and then I’ll continue.

So, you see, it’s not the movie they have a problem with. It’s who’s playing the role of the Genie. The face of Genie has always looked liked this. Us as children has never seen anyone else. I mean, we all knew thew that Genie was not black. So, why are people suddenly upset? Well, it’s the mere fact that someone is somewhat altering the appearance of one of America’s favorite childhood stories.

They did the same thing when Jay Z came out with Annie, whom was black. The critics hated it and Jay Z and Will Smith lost millions. You see, it’s okay for them to do it, but not blacks. That’s why some people are upset. Will Smith is breaking barriers and opening up many doors for people who comes after him. He will continue to break barriers. He was one of the few black and/or colored men to play a flying super hero. And as usual they crucified him for that. Apparently, playing superheros and wish makers and so on are not what they see most colored people as. They only see us as assassins, drug dealers and stuff like that. Well, that’s it tell me your thoughts below. Do you think this is the reason?

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