Michael Jackson Assault Allegations, Are They True?

It seems that Dwayne Wade Robson who was a dancer for Michael Jackson claims that Micheal had raped him for seven years in a blockbuster new documentary that was released during the Sundance Film Festival called “Leaving Neverland”. But this isn’t first time that he’d accused Michael of this. He did this in the past when he tried to sue for 1.6 billion dollars. The Jackson family called him a scam artist. He even testified under oath in 2005 that Michael never touched him inappropriately or abused him during their time together. But years later in 2016 he filed another lawsuit claiming the same thing. He said that he was raped from ages 7yrs old to 14yrs old. However, it was dismissed again when the judge ruling said that the singer could not be held responsible for the allegations being made by Robson.

Now, here’s the tea on Robson, he has a history of causing some mess. He was the one responsible for coming in between Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. You know that “Cry Me a River” song that was a result after Britney was reportedly cheating on him with Robson.

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Was he Gay and/or Child Molester

Okay I know the media will like for us to believe that he’s gay or a child molester. Because, in their eyes all of the black greats are child molesters, or rapist. But the only difference is, is that when they say an African American is rumored to be a child molester or a rapist he’s marked and ruined for life. But any other race, they’re hardly talked about or scrutinized.

Now, getting back to the point. Do I believe that Michael was a child molester? No, I don’t, I do believe that, and I’ve said this many times in my videos. That when a person is robbed as a child of their childhood, they become psychologically damage that causes them to act like a child later in their life. However, some only like childish games and fun like Michael. Now, their are some that are so psychologically damaged whereas to the point of being psychotic. Because, these individuals are also victims of sex abuse, violence and God only knows what else. So, their behavior and actions are often resulting to child molestation and other sick things. However, Michael made it blatantly aware that he likes women, grown women and he makes it blatantly clear in his videos, songs and live performances, Michael is a freak. Also, note that he only put up the façade of talking like a child just for interviews. That’s probably brought forth from his childhood and being psychologically damage and thinking he is still a child, especially when he’s feeling vulnerable, nervous and scared.

He really has a very deep voice and he was also a fan and wanted to date Beyoncé, but Jay Z grabbed her first. Take a look at this



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