The Great Land Robbery: How Federal Policies Dispossessed Black Americans of Millions of Acres

Hello, in this blog post I will be taking you back, back to when there were predominately black farmers but during the civil rights majority of the farmers were foreclosed illegally and ripped from the lands. 

You see shortly after slavery had ended, many of the slaves had bought their owners lands and that got carried onto their kids and so on so forth. Because, although the owners owned slaves, most of them didn’t know much about farming. Then when many slaves dispersed and migrated to the north, and the depression came. They lost a lot of money. So, former slaves agreed to take over their hands. At some point many blacks had owned over 70% of the farm lands.

Which as we all know didn’t go so well. I mean, how dare they take over of Africa and then come here and take over the US and not long before the UK and UN. Which I’d talked about in a video will leave the link below.

Well, as we all know racism became higher and segregation was implemented and thanks to racist president Woodrow Wilson initiating the segregation after it being written into the constitution by Supreme Court in 1896, which was quoted as “separated but equal”. Which was a counter reaction from the Jim Crow laws that revived principles of the 1865 and 1866 Black Codes, which had previously restricted the civil rights and civil liberties of African Americans, oh yes. President Woodrow was also the one who covered up the findings of Ancient Egyptians artifacts found in the Grand Canyon, of them being the initial people/race to have discovered America, thousands of years before the Indians and the Vikings. Take a look at video below

Which brings us to civil rights and all of the rallies and marches. You see it was in 1935 under the president supervision of racist Franklin Roosevelt who implemented the Social Security Act of 1935 excluded from coverage about half the workers in the American economy. Among the excluded groups were agricultural and domestic workers—a large percentage of whom were African Americans. This has led some scholars to conclude that policymakers in 1935 deliberately excluded African Americans from the Social Security system because of prevailing racial biases during that period.

Which brings us to the civil rights movement. But with all of the fighting, killing and so on. They were stealing lands from blacks left and right. By the end of the civil rights movement it went from 70% to 50% to 11% of black farmers. The take over had commence. Take a look at the video below…

So, you see, the takeover was an agenda to keep blacks suppress and poor and not in control. They did this by forcing the blacks out of their farms, businesses, and so on, by any means necessary.  Take a look at the clip below

They wanted to be in charged. Now you all have to understand around the time of civil rights blacks owned a lot of businesses and most of us were in fact republicans.

It was shortly after the civil rights whereas we didn’t own very much anymore. Until here now, most of us are living with limited means, and are idolizing hollywooders and is taught to yes go to college but do that to get a job. Instead of creating jobs and dynasties, like we used to. We became what they think we are animals, thieves, and so on. Well, at-least that’s what they think. But I see us coming back, and taking what has been stolen from us. Something that Attorney Johnnie Cochran had begun until he was misdiagnosed and shortly died.

They prey on blacks ignorance. Diagnosing you with conditions to keep you constantly in their debts and lucky for them dead. Wake up, the agenda deeper than you think. Watch Full Video Below

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