Kevin Hart Car Accident-What’s Really Going on? FULL BREAKDOWN!!

You know I wasn’t going to touch on this, because I know many bloggers are already reporting on this. But it seems that Kevin Hart was involved in a car accident over the weekend. Now, what’s weird is that I’d received a report minutes after his accident, and I ignored it. Because the initial report was, they didn’t know who was in the car and that Kevin Hart wasn’t among them. But then hours later, I started getting many alerts from all blogs that Kevin was among them and that he had suffered back problems. Not to mention him having surgery because of the accident. Thankfully he’d pulled through. Here are the details, it seems that Kevin Hart was being driven in his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda on Mulholland Highway at the time of the accident. The driver was Jared Black and apparently, he lost control of the car and it tumbled into an embankment. Black was found pinned in the driver’s seat under the roof. A female passenger, identified as Black’s fiancé Rebecca Broxterman, who was also pinned. However, it was told that Black had not been drinking, and he was airlifted to UCLA Medical Center and his condition is unknown. Broxterman, Black’s fiance was unharmed.

Now, since this accident, conveniently an interview of him making some comments about Lil Nas X had emerged. Take a look…

Now, I’m not sure why he’s being grilled, because he merely said, “so what”, and that him being gay is his business. It was the media twisting what he said. To confirm what he was trying to say as you saw in the video. He said, “Why you growing up to hate it?” And he went on to explain that “he chose to come out because he was already at the top of his game and had nothing to gain from it”. And that “If you’re doing this while you’re at the top, you know it’s for real and it’s showing it doesn’t really matter,” he said. But this didn’t go so well the public who are very sensitive about this subject. And they accused Kevin of gaslighting the rapper. But I don’t think that was the case. But this may be because of what was revealed not to long ago in a past tweet of Kevin seemingly being opposed to homosexuality, this is the tweet.

Now, truth be told this was a long time ago. But if you think about it. Kevin hasn’t made any praises toward gays. He’s kinda of on the hush hush, and no comment kind of attitude. But you all have to also understand, Kevin is coming from a time whereas being gay was highly frowned upon and looked down at. A lot of men are scarred from that and still keep the stigma, somewhat. Kevin may be okay with gays, but he still may be opposed it and don’t understand it. So, with that being said, that’s why the public is still sensitive to anything he may say about this subject. And they will continue to pick apart any comment he may say about it. The interviewer knew this, and I think he set Kevin up to be picked apart. But I want to go back a little here and get back to his car accident. Because it reminds me of somethings. With being said, let’s go back…

Let’s Go Back

Okay, aside for him being replaced on the Kelly Clarkson show, by his costar actor and friend Rock Johnson. Whom left his honeymoon to fill in. But truth be told Kevin getting into car accidents isn’t anything new.

-It was six years ago in 2013, whereas he was speeding down a freeway at 90 mph in his black Mercedes, weaving across traffic lanes and almost running into a gas tanker truck. When patrol officers pursued him, he took an off ramp and pulled over, and the police said.

“Mr. Hart had objective signs of intoxication and was unable to perform the field sobriety tests,” But it gets crazier because Kevin tweeted about the incident later and he said this, “When the cop asked me to take the sobriety test, I said “WHY WASTE OUR TIME … I’M DRUNK MAN.'”

The Los Angeles traffic police arrested Kevin on “suspicion” of drunken driving and he went to jail and held him on a $5,000 bond.

-Then just last year, he was involved in a plane scare. It seems suspiciously the tire burst on his private plane just as he and his pals were flying from Philly to Boston to cheer on the 76ers in their NBA playoff game later in the evening when while landing in Boston, causing the jet to fishtail. Take a look at the video below…

Thankfully they all survived, and he was able to make it to Boston’s TD Garden to watch his beloved 76ers in game two against the Celtics. His close friend and newly freed Meek Mill could have ended up on the same nearly-doomed flight. But he flew to Boston aboard the private jet of Sixers owner Michael Rubin instead. Now let’s go deep…

Let’s Get Deep

Now, to get numerical about this, after every incident, Kevin gets a spree of goodluck. For example; after the accident in 2013, his standup of “Let Me Explain” came out and it did well and then his career took off. Then he got married to Eniko Parish in 2016. But before then his career was shaky. He had many hits and misses. Now this fire of his is still lasting, but please note that with such great success comes jealousy. For example’ “Coming to America” is in production and his fans are asking for Kevin Hart to be part of it. But it was told that they don’t want him there. More than likely because his star is too bright, and he will outshine legendary comedian Eddie Murphy.

But think back to some of the biggest movies with actors and actresses, that were coming out in the past, such as; the death of Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Paul Walker or Aaliyah and countless others. Conveniently they all died right before the release, and the movie did very well in the box office.

Well, Kevin Hart got two movies that are coming out, Jumanji-The Next Level on December 13, 2019. And “Fatherhood” on April 3, 2020, one of these movies are coincidently coming out around the same time “Coming to America” is set to release on August 7, 2020. Meaning, legendary Eddie Murphy may get outshined by Kevin’s movie “Fatherhood” that’s being released in April. Oh, and conveniently Kevin’s movie is by the same writer of “Nutty Professor ll, The Klumps” oh yes. Now judging from this writer’s record, he needs this movie to be a hit. But with Eddie Murphy movie coming out 4 months after, isn’t looking good. I hope and pray that Kevin Hart doesn’t become the victim of a sacrifice for a hit movie.

Or…or..or..or you can swing the other way and say that he was set up to be too get injured. So, that he can’t be part of “Coming to America 2,” that way everybody wins. Because the driver Jared Black who got airlifted out of the car, condition is unknown. But it was told Jared was pinned against the steering wheel and the Police reported that they had to saw off the roof of the car to get him out. So, I don’t know. I have many thoughts… tell me your thoughts below.


It seems that Kevin Hart was riding in a death trap in the form of a tricked out 1970 Plymouth Barracuda … so say car experts, Who believed his ride lacked key safety features that would’ve spared him horrendous injuries as a result of his car crash.

Several owners of car customizing shops specializing in performance vehicles tell TMZ … it’s “highly unusual” for cars with 720 horsepower to be outfitted without a five-point harness and a roll cage.

Joe Rogan commissioned Rad Rides by Troy to build his Hemi-powered 1970 Barracuda — the same type of car Kevin had — and folks in the shop tell us Joe’s whip did indeed have a five-point harness and roll cage, and the shop’s staff was shocked Kevin’s was not similarly outfitted.

It also seems SpeedKore the company that customized Kevin’s Barracuda, whereas they were asked about the car’s safety features or lack thereof … they had no comment. But this tragic wreck shook up Dr Phil and he showed his classic to TMZ, souped-up 1957 Chevy, which is equipped with lap belts but no safety harnesses, and he’s now thinking about installing the harnesses and also plans to inquire about airbags.

This is looking more like a setup and/or conspiracy. Something isn’t right. I mean, who’s idea was to take the car out for a drive? So many questions…


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