After a lot of research, I can clearly say, that something isn’t right about this accident. But before I get into that watch this clip of me talking about his previous accidents.

So, keep that thought for a sec, and let that marinate and now I want you to listen to this 911 call. This is the first responder, this is before thee alleged hired CHP which means for “California highway patrol” or reporters, and so on.

Now please notate that Kevin was the only one that was reported to have gotten out first. Which by the way has been confirmed by the gentleman in the 911 call and the hired CHP.  But then you hear a call from, I’m assuming his wife Eniko. Now, truth be told she sound out of it. I don’t know if she was asleep or she was high, I don’t know. But it was confirmed that Jared Black was clean, no test was done on Kevin. Now here are some theories.

It’s been noted that Kevin Hart’s car is a 2-seater. There is no backseat and the front seat isn’t a bench set. Meaning someone will have to be sitting on someone else’s lap. We know that Jared finance was in the car, so we have to assume that she was sitting on Kevin’s lap. Now, would a man allow his fiancé to sit on another man lap? Or why will Kevin allow someone to drive his car, his special customize car. Kevin who is known to be very territorial. Then it the time that his wife had said. She said that he’s been gone for 20 mins. When the hired CHP, said it was at least a 90 mins drive away and/or timespan. You see, where the lies are coming in at?


-First Lie-Who was driving?

-It’s apparent that Kevin Hart was driving and that was confirmed by 2 people (he was pulled from the accident first).

-Second Lie -Were they speeding?

Okay, it has been noted that the California Police are doing an investigation on suspicion on if they were speeding. But considering the time frame of what Hart wife had said, on how long they’ve been gone. We can clearly say that they were speeding.

-Was Kevin high on Drugs?

You all saw that clip, and truth be told. Hart has a history of drinking and smoking. But we can clearly say that for him to have been driven home, just so he wouldn’t be caught in the driver seat, says a lot. Not to mention his injuries. That means Hart and his adrenaline was very high. Whereas he didn’t feel anything until much later.

-My Analysis

I believe, and this is all allege. I believe that Kevin Hart was taking Jared and his fiancé home after he’d been drinking and no telling what else. They all piled in the car, Hart in the driver seat and Jared and his finance were in the passenger seat. He was speeding, I’m not sure if it was purposely done or not. He lost control and you know the rest. His bodyguard was already tailgating and or near. So, he pulled Hart out first and then quickly drove him home. He needed to get clean first and not to mention, he didn’t want to be caught on the scene, especially in the driver seat with his history of DUI, among other things, such as; domestic abuse.  


1st Clue-The Driver Seat…You see the driver seat, it’s very close to the steering wheel, and if you look at Hart other cars, that will always be the case. Because he’s so short

2nd Clue –Passenger Seat …Okay, checkout the passenger seat, it’s apparent that two people could have set there and considering how tall Jared is, but yet not a big guy. He and his fiancé could’ve been sitting there. It’s also apparent that she may have gotten out first probably by the window and Jared more than likely got stuck, he was tall after-all. His legs more than likely were broken. Especially if his fiancé was sitting on his lap when they went over.

3rd Clue-No Air Bags

4th Clue- Kevin Hart’s Injuries…

You see the steering wheel it’s bent, meaning when they went over Hart was rammed against the steering wheel and that may have dislodged his spine. Hence what his wife Eniko said of something poking out of his spine and leaking. His spinal couldn’t be in that condition if he was sitting in the passenger seat with Jared wife on his lap. He would’ve been protected by her and the seat. But again, please note that Jared was clear of drugs, he was clean. No record of whether Hart was tested or the fiancé. So, for the hired CHP, to have said that he wasn’t drunk. When it was reported that Hart had been pulled from the scene before he got there, raises questions, just saying. Now, rather his friend Jared will tell the truth, remains to be seen. But I hope he remembers that Hart left his fiancé and him there to save his own behind. The car could have blown up, just saying.

Well, that’s it, Tell me your thoughts below…

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