Wendy Williams Lies Exposed-Did She Tell the Truth about Anything?

As we all know Wendy Williams has been doing a lot of tv shows and radio interviews. Normal and nothing new. But what’s strange is what she is saying in these interviews. For example;

Did she know her husband was cheating?

Don’t Care if he’s cheating, just don’t tell me
My Marriage is Fine (aka I don’t need to know)


Did she really have a relapse?

I’ve been living in a Sober House
No, I didn’t relapse


Was she sick? What’s really her condition?

I’m going through Menopause
I have Graves Disease
I don’t have Graves Disease

LIES NUMBER 3, 4, and 5 ✅

Was she willing to live with Kevin cheating, but not with the baby?

I would’ve stayed, but the baby was the last straw

It’s clear that Wendy Williams has lied many times. Meaning, that she knew her husband had been cheating and was living with it. All the excuses and public stunts were more than likely, all lies. The public faints, the flu, the relapse, her taking trips to an alleged rehabilitation center was what I’ve been saying, all a lie. It was only for P.R stunt and to redirect the attention off of Kevin and his cheating. She knew he was cheating, she even admitted herself that she would’ve lived with it, as long as she didn’t know. Or is it, if he didn’t let it get out.

I also believe he was violent, and she was living with that as well. But to sum it up, Williams entire marriage was based on lies. They weren’t still married for love it was a mere arrangement. However, I’m glad she got out of it, even if it took a baby for her to do it. With that being said, please stop believing what you see and hear about these Hollywood couple most of them are fake and a contract arrangement. Well, that’s it, tell me your thoughts below.

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