Louis Eugene Walcott was born on May 11, 1933 in Bronx New York. He’s the youngest of siblings of Sarah Mae Manning who was an immigrant from the Caribbean Island. His father was Jamaican, although he’d never met his father. Later they moved with his soon to be step-father Louis Walcott who later died. So, they moved to Boston, Massachusetts in a West Indian Village. At the age of 6yrs old he started training to play violin. He became so good at it, he ended up playing in the Boston College Orchestra and the Boston Civic Symphony, he even won national competitions. He eventually became one of the first black performers to appear and win and award on Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour. He also attended Boston Latin School, and later graduated at English High School and also completed 3yrs with a scholarship at Winston-Salem Teacher College. It was in 1950’s whereas he had achieved a professional music career. He’d even recorded several calypso albums that he’d released under the name “The Charmer.” He even went on tour.

That is when he got in contact with the Nation of Islam. It also when he got in contact with the teaching and through Rodney Smith a friend who was a saxophonist. By this time, he was married to Betsy Ross and they were invited to of the annual Savior’s Day, that was being addressed by Elijah Muhammad and also Malcom X who was the big celebrity then. Heck, just like everyone else, he also thought Malcom X was the leader of the Nation of Islam. He was so intrigued by the teaching and the power. He trained and also became a registered Muslim/Believer. He finally received the X after writing a letter, verbatim and with Identical handwriting of the Nation of Islam founder Wallace Fard Muhammad. You see the letter X is considered a placeholder and to signify that the Nation of Islam family names are lost. It was also noted that the original European were colored and/or black. But later and I’d talked about this, they were later forced into slavery and most of ancestors last names became our slave owners. But later Louis replaced his X last name with holy name Farrakhan which Is Arabic for The Criterion, which means, “a principle or standard by which something may be judged or decided. The changing of his name created confusion and Elijah made a statement asking his followers to choose between him or music.

But Louis needed to be leader was in order. He was even the assistant minister to Malcolm X. Then he eventually became the official minister after Malcolm X got transferred to Muhammad’s Temple of Islam No 7, In Harlem New York. But all the while Louis was being mentored by Malcolm X. Then coincidentally after the assassination of Malcom X, oh quick come up Louis was in town and after Malcolm’s death Louis was appointed minister of his churches.

Now here’s where the fight came in at. You see, after his father death Warith Deen Mohammed who’s the seventh son was declared the new leader of NOI. But while in ruling he made substantial changes to the NOI. He changed the name to “World Community of Islam In the West” and then again to “American Society of Muslims”. He’d even welcomed white worshippers, whom they once called white devils. Heck, he even extended their religion efforts to Christians and Jews. Which byways changing his position and title from Chief Minister Wallace Muhammad to Imam Warth Huddin Mohammed and finally Imam Warith Al-Deen Mohammed. But with all of these changes, he managed to converse over 2 million members and not to mention the money gain as well. Now, Farrakhan did join him and worked his way up to his right-hand man, but after awhile he distance himself and said that he become disillusioned and decided to quietly walk away. Well, at first until he decided to secretly rebuild the original NOI upon the original founder Wallace Fard and Elijah Muhammad.

He even founded a magazine that Malcolm X had started called “The Final Call Inc”. With this magazine he was able to gain some attention. He even held their first Savior’s Day Convention, just like they did under Elijah teaching. Well, his popularity grew because he was given a 5 million dollar working capital to form an Interest-Free loan from Libya’s Islamic Call Society. Gaddafi even offered Farrakhan guns, but he refused them, well so he says.

Anyway, later Farrakhan claim to have had a vision about Elijah whereas he was carried up to a wheel or maybe a UFO, coincidentally just like In the book of Ezekiel and he said that Elijah told him that President Regan has met with the chiefs of staffs to plan a war. And order him to hold a conference In Washington D.C and announced their plan and say that he got the Information from him. Then later like magic It was announced In the New York Times that Reagan planned war against Libya. Then later Malcolm X daughter Qubilah Shabazz was arrested for conspiracy to assassinate Farrakhan. It was told that she believed that Farrakhan was part of the nation who were responsible for the resentment and the vilification against her father that later got him assassinated. It was also told that he was the one that turned Elijah against Malcolm X, with lies that he thought he was the leader of the NOI. When It was clear where Malcolm got his teaching from byways always speaking of whom he got It from. But Farrakhan had a plan. Anyway, it came out that the FBI used a paid Informant name Michael Fitzpatrick to frame Shabazz. She later accepted a plea agreement and that was it. He later organized Marches that Included several well-known people. Moving along here. Farrakhan has nine children, now I’m not sure If they’re all by the same woman that he’s still married to Betsy Ross. With that being said, let’s get dark and deep.

Let’s Get Dark and Deep

It was told that Farrakhan thought that Hurricane Katrina was deliberately to wipe out the black population. It seems that Mayor Ray Nagin told him about a crater during a meeting he had In Dallas. So, to learn that the crater broke the day after Hurricane Katrina wasn’t a coincidence and the Hurricane wasn’t a natural occurrence. Farrakhan also seems to have called several Investigations to the source of the levee break. He was also quoted in saying that the hurricane was “God’s way of punishing America for Its warmongering and racism.”

Now you would think that Farrakhan’s ego would’ve ended at the Malcom X death. But It seems that he had some words with Obama, and he and Obama never saw eye to eye. Especially after Obama support for 2011 Military Intervention in Libya. It seems that Farrakhan opposed, because he was already supporting Gaddafi method, the violent and It seem to always Ignite riots and chaos. Anyway, they went back and forth for years.

Later Farrakhan started recruiting for the Church of Scientology, while still claiming that he’s not a member but only embracing the Dianetics you see. Anyway, while still denying the involvement with them, he has also urged many people to join them and saying that they all should flock to the puppet leader L. Ron Hubbard. Claiming that you can still be a Christian, just won’t be a devil Christian and so on. After their constant denying partnership, it seems they have grown and even hold graduations together. But it’s only for the Dianetics though.

Also, Farrakhan has referred to Hitler as a great man in a speech he gave on a Chicago radio station. He also sexual discriminate, this is what he said, “Mr. Farrakhan urged the women to embrace his formula for a successful family. He encouraged them to put husbands and children ahead of their careers, shun tight, short skirts, stay off welfare and reject abortion. He also stressed the importance of cooking and cleaning and urged women not to abandon homemaking for careers. ‘You’re just not going to be happy unless there is happiness in the home,’ Mr. Farrakhan said at the Mason Cathedral Church of God in Christ in the Dorchester section, not far from the Roxbury neighborhood where he was raised by a single mother. ‘Your professional lives can’t satisfy your soul like a good, loving man.”

But he was very involved in music a well, with that let’s get darker and go deeper…

Let’s Get Darker and Deeper

It was a leaked story that Farrakhan or one of his followers may have been responsible for the death of Notorious BIG. It seems that this prisoner name Clayton Hill who’d once served a sentence for tax fraud and identity theft. Says that in 1997 he’d helped dispose of the handgun used to shoot Biggie. Also claiming that he received It from Dawoud Muhammad who stated that he was on the run for murder. He also stated that he was once a blood gang member, and that he was paid $25,000 to kill Biggie. But here’s where it gets twisted.  He said that the NOI Instructed him to pick up Muhammad from the Atlanta Bus Station as he was arriving from Los Angeles. Whereas he was Instructed to collect some property from him. Oh, it seems that Muhammad didn’t show any signs of doubt as he bent over and removed a liner out of a waste can and handed It to him to hold open. He reached into the duffel bag he brought with him and pulled out a semi-automatic handgun that could have been a .9 millimeter or a .40 calibre wrapped in a white undershirt. That was carefully placed into the trash bag. Of-course making sure his hands never touched any of the exposed parts of the gun.” Hill then delivered this weapon to Emile Muhammad, the personal driver of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who was to convey it elsewhere. “Somebody in Chicago wanted that weapon,” Hill explained. However, he doubted if Farrakhan knew anything, 😒.  Also, he said he may know the man as Dawoud Muhammad whom he says looks like Amir Muhammad, a Nation of Islam member who Notorious BIG’s family once accused of being the gunman, oh yes. Now, the question is, why would Farrakhan want to kill Biggie?

-Well, it was rumored, that Tupac was a member of the NOI, heck they even organized his service calling it the “Hip-Hop Day of Atonement.” So, why would they do that for some random rapper? Because he was a part of their nation. Oh, I’m not done yet, there’s more proof.  

You see, on the set of the movie Gridlock’d there seemed to have been black guards on the set with red and white shoulder patches on their jackets, that had a star and a crescent moon with the letters NOI on them. Now, it’s not uncommon for stars to bring their own private security. Heck, this isn’t the first time the NOI was seen with Tupac. They were with him during his Manhattan trial on charges of sodomy, sexual abuse, and weapons possession. So, think about this, one of their own was killed, and then sometime later Biggie is killed by someone resembling one of their NOI members. But the question is, did Sean Combs and his crew really have anything to do with Tupac’s death? Was it all just a big misunderstanding? I mean their beef was making them both millions. I guess that question will always remain unanswered.

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan addresses the auduence during the annual Saviours’ Day convention in Detroit, Michigan February 25, 2007. REUTERS/Rebecca Cook (UNITED STATES) – RTR1MU44

Farrakhan is now in his 80’s, so I believe his assassination days may be over. But it is told that he really doesn’t like what Jay Z has turned Beyoncé into. He even made a statement saying, “that he needs to keep her covered.” Heck, even offered to supply security, so yes Jay Z is a part of the NOI and so is Kanye, Ice Cube, and I did a video about him and Eazy-E will leave the links below or you can just click it at the end of this video. So, yes. Farrakhan defiantly has his hand on many strings attach to many rappers. He’s the puppet master. Think about it and leave me your theories below, because I know I missed something or may have got something wrong.

There’s another scandal the creator of NO is really a white man. It seems that he’s repeated convicted felon who use t prey on the weak minded black people. He used to go into the black neighborhoods and preach the bible but with his interpretation. However, when he started to gain more followers he created the “Nation of Islam”. He then recruited Elijah Mohammed and later Wallace Ford/Fard Muhammad disappeared. Then Elijah Muhammad took over and created a nation under him while still using the teaching from Wallace, but having his followers quote in his name. Document Proof Below…

To Watch Full Video, CLICK BELOW

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Farrakhan has never been a Hitler lover. The general America was helping in the Vietnam war was quoted as saying that Hitler was the greatest hero of his life. Rothschild loaned money to Hitler but he claimed to be a jew. Anybody that states publicly that the so called jews are not the real jews but the blacks are they always try to consider that person to be anti-Semitic.
    Hitler Nazi Germany was to purify the world by getting rid of all people that did not have blue eyes, pale skin, or blond hair. We are the main target of Hitler and the Nazi. But Nazi’s rule America. Bush family was and still is Nazi. Area 51 is ruled by Nazi’s.
    I do feel that Farrakhan should distant himself and the nation of islam from scientology.

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