Now, before I go in deep, let me give you a brief background check of Shakira. Well, besides she being mixed with Spanish, Italian and Arabic. It was her father who got her into the Arabic music and later learning how to belly dance. While trying out for the school choir the nuns rejected her way of singing, byways, insulting her and saying that she sounded like a goat. So, to keep her busy her father took her to orphanages, and it was then Shakira promised that she will one day help those kids when she became a famous artist. Which she did. She knew her way of singing was always going to be a challenge. But it was her belly dancing that got her the gigs.

So, with that and her singing, she was able to land her a record deal with Sony Music Colombia when she was 13 yrs old. She had some hits and misses, but she overcame them and became a huge sensation in the Latin community. Believe it or not Shakira is more successful in the music world than Jennifer Lopez. She has won more awards and sold more albums than Jennifer, and she’s only 42yrs old vs Jennifer who’s 50yrs old. Now, I’m talking musically, not music and movies and so on. That’s a whole new ball game.

But with that being said, how would two icons, somewhat in their lane. How would they share the stage? Because realistically, Shakira can dance circles around stiff from the shoulders up Jennifer, that’s unless the dance calls for her to move her shoulders and so on, just saying. So, again how would narcissistic Jennifer and humble Shakira will share the stage? Because rumor is this wasn’t Jay-Z’s idea for them to take the stage together, it was Beyonce’s, after-all she’s done something with the both of them. But what I’m hearing from a source.

They’ve been wanting a Latino female artist for a while, aside for Bruno Mars who was the last Latino artists to perform in the super bowl halftime show. So, the biggest current female artists they can find are Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. But here’s the twist, Jennifer can put on a great show, but she can’t sing worth a damn. I don’t care how many lessons she’s had. Her daughter Emme sounds better than her, thanks to Marc Anthony her father. But Shakira can sing and dance. You see, I have a motto, if you’re speaking voice sounds the same as your singing voice, you can’t sing and you’re not singing, you’re merely just dragging your voice. A true singer’s voice is somewhat dramatically different than their speaking voice.

Hence, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Tamia, Gladys Knight, Christina Aguilera, the late Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Donna Summer, Michael Jackson, Selena Quintanilla, Billie Holiday, Prince, Luther Vandross, the list goes on. Jennifer Lopez does a lot of talking/rapping in her songs.

So, imagine dealing with her for a full 15mins live during the super-bowl seen by millions around the world. Yes, her performance will be great, but her singing will be forced. They had to balance that/cut that in half with someone who can fill in and somewhat take over the slack, without cutting the messaged factor. Oh, and who’s better than Shakira, she can sing and dance. Heck, put her in there, mixed with Jen’s performances, what a show. But guess who would come out on top Shakira, Watch. Talent always wins at the end. Well, most of the time… Tell me your thoughts below. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to all of my platforms, the links are below.


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