Golden Girls SECRET SEX SCANDALS -Decades Of Hollywood Secrets and More!!

 It has been revealed that our glorious women haven’t always been so subdued. Now, I did a video about them I will leave the link below or Let’s start with ..

Betty White

Betty White got her start in the 1950’s hosting a morning TV talk show in LA. Where she was already trying to hide away from her past as a nude model. Yes, you’d heard it correctly. She used to pose nude and you can check her out in vintage naked playing cards that suspiciously managed to sneak out of the public eye. These photos had got brought up during a David Letterman interview. Upon asked, she denied that the photos were her. Estelle Getty found out and she once wanted to tell the studio audience about the pics. But Betty begged her not to do it. That was before Estelle started forgetting her lines and suffering memory loss.

Rue McClanahan

Rue McClanahan struck gold twice alongside Bea Arthur in The Golden Girls and Maude but she started her acting career by dropping her clothes, oh yes. Rue took plenty of early roles as a stripper in sordid low-budget films, and put on a particularly daring show that challenged the censors in 1968, in Hollywood After Midnight. Well, the experience paid off with her Broadway debut, though as Rue stripped down to bra and panties on stage with young Dustin Hoffman, yep old Dustin, for the 1968 production Jimmy Shine. The musical ended up lasting as long as one of Rue’s many marriages. I mean, she went through five divorces before marrying her final husband Morrow Wilson in 1997. Rue was Blanche/ another Marilyn Monroe in real life. Oh, I’m not done yet. You see while taping the Golden Girls she had a breast job to impress her then boy-toy lover Michael Thornton. Whom they had a 27yr old age difference, they turned many heads and made headlines. She claimed she wanted to feel young again.

Bea Arthur

Bea Arthur who was once the star old tv show “Maude” right alongside Rue Mcclanahan. Aside from the controversy her character in Maude, with the abortion and the mental health issues. Heck, even the episode of Bea’s real-life facelift. But somethings were hidden. Let’s talk about that.
Now, some of you may have heard of Bea being in the Marine Corps. Whereas she served as a truck driver after enlisting in 1943. But hidden in Bea’s medical records was a “misconduct report” for contracting a venereal disease which left her “incapacitated for duty” for 5 weeks in 1944. However, she pulled through and she went onto two marriages and also adopting 2 sons. Oh, there’s more, it was rumored that she was a lesbian, and her marriages were just her settling for the depiction of what a woman’s supposed to be in America, not to mention also for her acting career. I mean, if you researched it, she never hid her lesbian secret life. She was always a huge supporter of her gay fans and she even left part of her estate to the Bea Arthur Residence to open for gay youth in New York City East Village. Heck, it was even told that Bea and Rue had a fling, oh yes Bea was very fond of Rue. Well, that’s it tell me your thoughts below…

To Watch Full Video Here

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I always thought that at least SOME people got the subtext of The Golden Girls but I guess its good that someone put this out in one piece. Yes, Betty was a wild woman in her earlier days, and maybe later: she admits to having married for sex, and divorcing after it got dull; yes, Rue was a hot chick and never made any real secret of it; and anybody who didn’t get some idea of Bea’s dual-track gender preference was just not paying attention.


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