Disgraced Matt Lauer’s Kids Want To Change Their Names

Former Anchor’s three children may take mother’s name

Ousted anchor Matt Lauer’s life is in such tatters even his own kids want nothing to do with him, according to insiders — and are thinking of changing their last names!

Since Matt, 61, was fired from NBC in 2017 over charges of sexual misconduct, his attempts to ignite a comeback have been snubbed, and he’s currently bracing himself for a new raft of revelations in a forthcoming bombshell book.

When the sleazy host was sacked, his wife of 20 years, Annette Roque, filed for divorce — and a source said things have also soured between him and his three children, Jack, 18, Romy, 16, and Thijs, 12.

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“He now has zero relationship with his kids,” an insider spilled. “They’ve all sided with their mother, and nobody would be surprised if they changed their name. The idea has been floated that it’d be better if they just called themselves the Roque family. His children don’t want to be teased at school — they don’t even want to say who their dad is!”

But it’s not just family members who have gone silent. “Matt is completely alone,” added the tipster. “He lost his job, wife, reputation AND friends. He can’t even get a reservation at any of his favorite restaurants anymore!”

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