Now, I’m going to do this differently, I’m going to use a compilation of videos to prove my point. You all to have to understand that there is a thing called a Gay Hip Hop Mafia who runs hip hop. And who’s at the top of hip hop at the moment…Jay Z and Sean Combs, are considered vets, and I didn’t mention Drake, and so on, because, it doesn’t take a psychic to see that Drake is bisexual. But get ready to see hip hop in a whole new light. Get your popcorn or other snack, people, because I’m going very deep.


Vlad did an interview with Too-Short about gay rappers


Too-Short Clip

Vlad interviewed with Too Short about gay rappers. I couldn’t play the videos on YouTube, because Vlad wouldn’t allow me too, even if I didn’t monetize the video. So, I will give you a preview of what it all entails. Then, you can click the video below if you want to watch it.

-Okay, now Vlad, told Too short about him asking another rapper about rather or not him doing or have done a song with a gay rapper before- Too short laughed, and then Vlad continues and says that he also asked Fat Joe the same thing and he also said that he might have as well. Then, Too Short noted that he’s been hearing these stories since the ’90s and that if you talk about it too much, something terrible will happen to you. No matter what question Vlad would ask, Too Short repeats the same thing over and over. But also adding that he’s a conspiracy theorist like me. But even repeating. “If you talk about it too much, something bad will happen to you.” That was all he’d repeated throughout the interview.



Interview with rapper Fat Joe


Fat Joe Clip

In this interview with Fat Joe, he started off asking Fat Joe about Mr. C charge, but Joe stated that he didn’t look into the case and said that it was his preference and his business. Then Vlad went on to tell him the same story of another rapper saying that he may have done a song with a gay rapper. And of-course just like Too Short, Joe laughed. But what he says next is surprising. He’d admitted that he might have as well. He went on to say that some of the football and basketball players may be gay. He also expresses why these types of people are still hiding that they’re gay; after all of these years, of course, this was in 2011. But that question remains unanswered today. Then Joe also went on to say that hip-hop is the most significant gay market in the world and that gays most likely own the hip hop Community. Oh, I’m not done yet; he also says that he thinks that there’s a gay mafia in hip-hop. He also says that there’s gays within the editorial of magazines and so on, oh yes. Then he said, and listen now, and remember that this was recorded in 2011. He said that he’s pretty sure that everyone has someone gay in their family in their house, maybe not in the same house but their family and that people should admit it, and stop hiding it.

Interview with the rapper The Game

The Game interview clip

Now in this clip, Vlad starts with the same story of it being gays in the hip-hop community. And Game just like the rest of them also say that there are gay rappers. Oh, guess what song example Game uses, he uses the Beyonce song, “Who runs the world, Girls.” But he says that she should’ve told that gays run the world instead of girls. Then he went on to say, just like Fat Joe and Too Short. That he also has a problem with people, especially rappers pretending not to be gay. He went on to say that while you’re fooling somebody, you can mess around and give them aids and so on. He also went on to say that the girl that the guy is fooling could leave you and give the new guy the disease and so on. Then Vlad said that he asked NATO if he’s ever done a song with a gay rapper and that NATO noted that he has already, and Game, answered saying, “that’s crazy.” Then Vlad finally asked Game if he has done a song with a gay rapper that’s in the closet, and this is what he’d said, “Possibly yeah.” Oh, I’m still done yet; he’s also said that he has and that this gay rapper, “pretends that he loves girls and lives the rap lifestyle. When he’s a man fan.” He also said that he sees how some men/rappers be looking at other men and how men or people be thinking he be looking at them crazy or having a problem with them. But this is what takes the cake, and would have you thinking of who’s he’s talking about. He said that you might think that the rapper is looking at another dude or rapper like he has a problem, but he’s looking at him as a man fan. And he went on to say that there’s a lot of man fans in hip-hop. Then he went on to talk about Mr. Stevens; that’ll be another video. I will leave the link below. Now, moving along…


I hope now you see how wicked the industry is. So, think about how much Jay Z has to loose if he came out as a gay man or just bisexual. People will ask, why lie? Why say you support gays, but you’re afraid to say that you are. I mean, hiding behind marriage like many have and are still doing is hypocritical. Think about it, have any of you ever wondered why, aside for business, why are Jay-Z and P-Diddy so close. Why is Jay Z known to have these close relationships with so many men? To the point of sharing a place with them. Why Foxy Brown retract her statement so fast when she said that Jay Z was gay, and he took her virginity when she was 15yrs old? Heck, He, R Kelly, Dre all of them are all pedophiles to this. But the question is, who will talk? Hence, Gay hip-hop mafia.




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