Journal Entry 3 10/27/2019- What Have I Been Up Too?

I know many of you are wondering about my absence and the slow growth of my channels compared to others. Well, I have no idea. But apparently, my videos trigger much hate and not to mention other channels who liked to compete as well. So, they send their trolls out to get me.

However, it’s not just that; it’s the fact that I’ve taken on a new position (promotion) at work, and I’m learning a lot of new things. After I get my feet firmly onto the ground, I will start to post more often. I have several ideas for videos and also for my blog as well. I’ve been thinking of starting a storytelling section on my blog.

Wishes and Goals for YouTube

My hopes for YouTube will stay a wish and a goal that will never become accomplished. 😒☹️

  • To open many people eyes and minds
  • To reach millions and always hit 3-digit-K with every video I upload.
  • Never or hardly worry about being flagged or trolled by my competitors
  • Become financially stabilized and never have to worry about money or work multiple jobs. Only have one financial source, and that’s YouTube.
  • To collab with some prominent YouTubers (if they can sustain my vast of knowledge and excellent debatable skills)
  • To have Wendy Williams job one day and then retire

These are my dreams and goals that I hope one day will come true. But with the rate of things. I may have to achieve it with good old fashion hard work. Because YouTube has always been against me. WHY I HAVE NO IDEA? (well, I have an idea)…

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