AGE-ADDLED Regis Philbin is pleading with his former Live! co-host Kelly Ripa to end their bitter feud before it’s too late!

Sources tell GLOBE the ailing 88-year-old TV icon desperately wants to hear Kelly, 49, call him “Reege” on the air one more time!

“Friends don’t think Regis has much time left, but he would go to his grave with a smile if only Kelly would stop being mad at him,” snitches an insider.

“He’s reached out to let Kelly know how much she means to him and pleaded with her to let him be her guest co-host.”

As GLOBE has revealed, Regis inadvertently ignited the feud by leaving Live! in 2011, which Kelly took as a slap in the face!

“They have rarely spoken, and it didn’t help when Regis told people how they’ve never invited him back on the show,” spills the insider.

“Actually, he did visit backstage and even spoke to Kelly, but he must’ve forgotten. Kelly complained bitterly how abandoned she felt when he ditched her, and she never got over it.”

As GLOBE has reported, Regis is losing his battle with killer heart disease and is also fighting high cholesterol, high blood pressure and severe acid reflux.

“Regis hopes to appeal to Kelly’s softer side by reminding her that he was always Team Kelly — sticking up for her when his successor made a sneaky exit and cheering her on when Ryan Seacrest became her new co-host,” adds a source.

“Behind the scenes, people hope Kelly lets bygones be bygones.”

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