Aaliyah-Said “Someone Was Following Her” and also 16 Facts about Her Life

It seems Aaliyah was afraid of flying, and she felt uneasy about boarding the plane because of the size of the plane. Take a look at this clip from YouTube Channel Nicki Swift.

It has reported that Aaliyah had spoken a month before her death about her favorite dream, this is what she had said,

“Someone is following me, and I do not know why. I’m scared. Then suddenly, I lift off. Far away. As if I am swimming in the air. Nobody can reach me. Nobody can touch me. It is a wonderful feeling.”

Now in the video I did, I point out the struggle Aaliyah was having and who was behind it. I will leave the link below. However, this dream is Aaliyah’s premonition of her death. However, going back a little, what are some unknown or maybe known facts about the beautiful and late Aaliyah.

1-At Aaliyah’s funeral, 22 white doves were released to symbolize each year of Aaliyah’s life.
2- Aaliyah was paid $1.5 million for Romeo Must Die & $5 million for her role in Queen of the Damned.
3-Aaliyah was initially cast as Jessica Alba’s ‘Honey,’ but passed away before filming began.
4-Aaliyah often had her left eye covered, under the advice of her mother.
Aaliyah took her mum’s advice to cover her left eye when she changed her hairstyle; the idea was inspired by her favorite film star Veronica Lake. They believed it added to the mystique of Aaliyah’s personality.
5-At age nine Aaliyah competed on the TV show ‘Star Search’ – but lost and cried.
The host of the show, Ed McMahon, said,

“There’s a thing that you see when somebody walks out on the stage, I call it the fire… And that’s what I saw with Aaliyah”

Interesting words, remind of the clip of Golden Girls

6-Oh, and it was reported that Aaliyah had a full-time bodyguard that attended her classes with her at school.
7-Aaliyah kept ‘Rock The Boat’ for two years before release, as her label thought it was too sexual. She was only 20yrs at the time but recorded when she was 18-19yrs old. However, that does not compare to her album “One in Million” that she had released when she was only 17yrs old but recorded when she was 16yrs old.
8-Around the time of her death, Aaliyah sent a video message to her friend’s grandparents when she asked her to miss their party. Aaliyah’s choreographer Fatima missed her grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary to be on the video shoot for ‘Rock The Boat’ in the Bahamas. To make up for it, Aaliyah sent them a recorded message where she said,

“I’m sorry I had to steal your granddaughter away from you on this special day, but I needed her, and I hope you have more great years together.”

Little did Fatima know, it would be the last moments she spent with Aaliyah.
9- When she auditioned for school at 14, she sang Ave Maria in Italian.
10-It’s reported that Aaliyah’s, dad or brother were on every video shoot apart from on the ‘Rock The Boat, oddly.’
It was on the way back from filming the video for ‘Rock The Boat’ that Aaliyah’s plane crashed, and she tragically died. In October 2001, her brother Rashad stated:

“It really boggles everyone [that] from day one, every single video she ever shot there’s always been myself or my mother or my father there. You ask yourself maybe we could have stopped it. But you can’t really answer the question.”

This reminds me of 9-1-1, whereas before the controlled demolition made to look like a terrorist attack. Some influential people were meant to be in the building before the tragic event. However, they coincidentally canceled on the day of. I did a video about that as well will leave the link below.
11- Aaliyah was also a big fan of J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter books.
In an interview with Vibe that took place at a bowling alley just months before she died, Aaliyah said that after the interview, she would be going home to read her Harry Potter book.
12-It’s reported that Atlantic Records wanted to remix ‘One In A Million,’ but Aaliyah hid the tape so they could not.
The record label thought the song would not be a success unless it was made more radio-friendly.

“We grabbed the two-inch reels and all the tapes so nobody could do any unauthorized remixes, and we stuck to our guns on that version of the record,” said Jomo Hankerson, Aaliyah’s cousin and the then manager of Blackground Records.


13- It was reported that Damon Dash and Aaliyah had plans to get married.
Damon Dash, Aaliyah’s boyfriend at the time of her death, said after she passed.

“As soon as she had time, we were getting married, like after The Matrix sequels.”

Aaliyah never filmed The Matrix Sequels, nor did she marry Dash. However, it has been rumored a lie. Furthermore, Damon and Jay-Z have both been the front-line to many conspiracy theories regarding the death of Aaliyah. Considering she was pressured into rushing home to Damon. Who were seen with another woman months following Aaliyah’s death.

14-To add to the mystery behind Aaliyah mysterious mystic. She was also known for her extremely mysterious aura. She never gave anything away.
“I’ve always been mysterious” Aaliyah told Vibe.

“My mother and father always used to ask me. ‘What are you thinking, what is going on?’ There are times when I do not understand myself.”

Us Aquarius’s are like that as well

15-Aaliyah was known for her calm temperament; apparently, she never showed anger.
The story goes that when Aaliyah lost out on an award for her ‘One In A Million’ album, Missy Elliot (the producer) was visibly unhappy. However, in her own words,

“I never saw Aaliyah get mad.” Aaliyah reacted by saying

‘It’s cool… I am just happy to be nominated.’

“I never saw her go out of character.”

16- Aaliyah had The letter ‘A’ on the side of her wrist.
2) An Egyptian Ankh in her inner wrist
3) A music symbol on her ankle 4) A dove on her lower back, which she got as a tribute to her grandmother.
There are more things I can say about the late and beautiful Aaliyah. However, she was a very talented and pure-hearted, and a young lady very mature beyond her Years. She is so missed, rest in peace, Aaliyah.

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