Brandy Norwood Bio | First on the Top and Now… Why?? | You Will Be Shocked!

Brandy Rayana Norwood was born on February 11, 1979, in McComb Mississippi to father Willie Norwood, who was a former gospel singer and choir director, and mother Sonja Norwood, a former district manager for H&R Block. Her brother is the infamous Ray J, and cousin/rapper Snoop Dogg.

She was raised a Christian like many of us back in the day. She started singing with her father in church. Then later, her family moved to Los Angela’s. Where Brandy attended Hollywood Performing Arts school, whereas she tried persuading the teachers of her singing capabilities, but she was among the minorities of black kids, so they didn’t listen. Anyway, despite that, she entered many talent shows, and by 1990 she became a backing vocalist for the group “Immature.” That led to a recording contract with Atlantic Records. Her career was starting to take off, so she had to drop out of school and get tutored. Her mother also started managing her. She then landed a role in the ABC sitcom “Thea” that is where her talents were really noticed, and she later started recording her first record called “Brandy.” The album went on to sell 6 million records and won many awards. She even landed her first sitcom titled “Moesha” all before she was 18yrs old. But then later her dream came true, and she got to play in a movie with her idol the late Whitney Houston. In a film produced by Whoopi Goldberg titled Rodgers and Hammerstein’s television version of Cinderella. She released many albums after that and acted in many movies, TV shows. But is her star fading and so on so forth with her many career endeavors. Now let’s get personal…

Let’s Get Personal and Dark

Okay, we all know that Brandy has a daughter that she keeps a tight lid on. But a lot of you newcomers didn’t know the drama surrounding the conception of her daughter. Well, let’s go back, back to the days, whereas she was the hit sensation and was on top of the world and starting trend with her iconic braids. She was a role model for youth and also one of Whitney’s Houston biggest fans. Not to mention starring in the hit movie Cinderella. But she was now in her 20’s and spent most of her youth singing, acting, and touring the world. She didn’t have any time for a relationship. Well, until ….

Smooth-talking music producer Robert Smith came along. She then ended up pregnant, and to protect her image they forced Robert Smith and her to say that they were getting married, they even landed a reality tv show titled “Brandy: A Special Delivery,.” Everything was great, yes she was kind of young but she wouldn’t be the first to married and soon pregnant in her early 20’s in Hollywood. Anyway, I guess Robert was tired of the pressure and the lies, and all he wanted was to hit it and quit and naive at the time Brandy ended up pregnant. So, one day on the radio, while on the radio, he admitted that they were never married. Later, Brandy was forced to agree to the lies in saying that the relationship was, in fact, real, just the marriage was a fake. But Robert begs to differ. Because of the shame and the media, she kept her daughter “Sy’ rai” a secret for years.

The lousy karma didn’t stop there because Brandy was involved in a car crash in 2006, whereas she was in a four-lane freeway that left a 38-year-old woman dead.
Brandy was driving a 2007 Land Rover on the Freeway when the collision occurred. She failed to slow down and struck the back of a 2005 Honda at about 65 mph.

The other driver hit another vehicle and then slid sideways before it struck in center divider crossway. The other driver’s car was then hit by an oncoming vehicle.
Thee 1st driver was taken to a hospital, where she died of blunt-force injuries. Later the coroner’s office ruled the 1st driver death an accident. The 2nd driver was treated for minor injuries, nothing too serious. Brandy was not arrested, but the family did fine her 50 million dollars. After this accident, Brandy’s career was never the same. She tried to come out with several records, and they weren’t nearly as good as the ones she had before the accident and the pregnancy. You see, she broke the code and the deal they had. Brandy sign an oath back when she was only about 14yrs old, with her mother being her handler at the time. She supposed to stay compliant until her 30’s, and then she allowed to get married and have kids. It was told they wanted her to have an abortion, but she refused. They gave her the same options as Lauryn Hill, and she didn’t comply either, and we know what happened to her. Now her success has been a hit and miss, most of her fans have abandoned her. She’d force to settle for any roles that come her way now.

I also heard that she may have internal issues with fibroid tumors. So, all I can say is, please pray for her. Especially after her recent engagement. Because of being scarred, she broke the engagement off and has been single ever since. I’m still a straddling the fence fan even though she may be forced to sacrifice someone soon because she does have bills. I guess only time will tell… Anyway that’s it…tell me your thoughts below..Oh, don’t forget to Subscribe, Like, and Share. And also, don’t forget to follow my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook I post on them every day, hope to see you all there, love you all bye…


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