SCARY-SKINNY Celine Dion’s in an emotional frazzle after her new album, Courage, debuted at No. 1 and disappeared from the charts a week later, insiders say.

“All hell has broken loose — and Celine is upset,” tattles an insider, who says the songbird suffered the biggest tailspin in music history! Chart Data, a music industry information group, confirms the shocking disaster.

Due to bundling her album with other artists’ projects — a common tactic in the music biz — Celine sold 100,000 the week her record came out, insiders say. But she only sold about 3,000 the second week — plunging down the Billboard charts.

Now friends of the 51-year-old widow’s inner circle are worried about her health and her relationship with backup dancer Pepe Munoz, 34, who’s become her “best pal.” Insiders say he’s encouraged the mom of three — René-Charles, 18, and 9-year-old twins Nelson and Eddy — to live a younger, partying lifestyle as if she were in her 20s.


And Celine’s been kicking up her heels with Pepe after living the quiet life with her late hubby-manager, René Angélil, who died at 73 of cancer in 2016.

He was the only man in her life from when she turned 12 — and he was 38. She became his third wife in 1994 when she was 26.

“Without René around, no one knows what she’s doing,” says the source. “She is being controlled by a person who has told her René was an old guy” and she should make up for lost time.

Although her Courage tour has grossed $33.2 million for the first 19 concerts, friends fear her new life is a recipe for disaster as the 5-foot-7 singer has dropped to a mere 40 pounds.



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