Jealous Lover Bites Boyfriend Penis

Talking about cheating this young lady wasn’t having it.

ABOOZY man-eater blasted her beau for having a wandering eye before coming at him with a blade and biting his penis!

According to police, Esperanza Gomez, 33, was tossing back beers with her boyfriend in a Miami Beach apartment when they were joined by a female friend.

But trouble brewed hours later after the woman left and Gomez accused her guy of flirting and wanting to bed their pal,

Miami-Dade officials claim.

Gomez “became irate” over his perceived interest, “forcefully grabbed him by both of his arms and began to yell and scream at him” before she “began to poke him with a knife,” reads the arrest report.

Cops say the stunned victim told his enraged gal to stop or he’d call the police — right before her below-the-belt bite!

He told investigators his snippy girlfriend chomped on his manhood “out of frustration” the report explains.

Boozed-up gal also poked her beau with knife – cops

Though he wasn’t seriously hurt in the incident, police say the man was left with three red marks and “slight redness to his upper chest area.”

He also told the four officers at the scene Gomez had clobbered him in the past, “but nothing was done about it,” according to the complaint.

Gomez — a native of Queens, N.Y. — was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, battery and domestic violence and is being held on $6,500 bond at Florida’s Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center pending her next court date.

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