Mandatory Credit: Photo by Stewart Cook/WWD/REX/Shutterstock (8137136ic) Kerry Washington The 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA – 29 Jan 2017

Kerry Marisa Washington was born on January 31, 1977, in the Bronx, New York, the daughter of Valerie, who is a professor and educational consultant and Earl Washington, who is a real estate broker. Kerry is part African American, Jamaican, English, Scottish and Native American. Although she has a talent for speaking and acting, even though she did not go to college for that. She studied at George Washington University with a double major in anthropology and sociology. She also graduated Phi Beta Kappa, and she later studied at Michael Howard Studios in New York City, unsure if she had graduated. It was in the ’90s, whereas she had learned to dance, believe it or not from Jennifer Lopez. Even though she’d took dancing and singing lessons as a little girl, but she also learned it from a man named Larry Maldonado, and it was through him, whereas she met Jennifer Lopez, she used to step in and teach as a substitute teacher, oh yes.


Meanwhile, by 1994 Kerry got her SAG which stands for Screen Actors Guild which is a requirement for a commercial that she was once in. Her first debut was in an ABC telefilm called “Magical-Maker-Over.” She was also in the cast of PBS sketch comedy style educational series “Standard Deviants.” She had appeared in many more sketched after that. She finally played in her first female lead in Spike Lee’s “She Hate Me,” whereas she got many reviews. She also played in “The Last Dance,” and she also played in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” you all remember that? Then from there that set her up for many more roles thereafter and career took off. It was in 2012, whereas she starred in ABC tv series “Scandal” like Olivia Pope created by Shonda Rhimes. This show took off and set her career in super high drive and made her an icon. She won and nominated for many awards. She also played in many iconic movies during this tv series and after. So and so forth with her many career endeavors, now let’s get personal.


Let’s Get Personal

Okay, first of all, Kerry Washington has had a history of only dating white men, her now-husband came as a shock. Because it has reported she had dated

-David Moscow: or four years, from 2003 to 2007, and eventually called off their engagement when she turned 30 in order to focus on herself.


Then she had dated.

-Lawerence O’Donnell in 2007, who is an MSNBC political talking-head, unsure why they broke up, it was reported because of her career.

So those love scenes with the sexy actor Tony Goldwyn and Scott Foley was not all acting; they are her weakness, oh yes.

-Then later, she met and married NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha on June 24, 2013, in Hailey, Idaho. They have two kids together, a boy and a girl.
Even though she is supposedly happily married, but from what has reported from the streets. She married a black-man to secure her image on Scandal as being a strong black woman. Even though she prefers white men, it also explains why no one hardly ever sees her post her husband on her social media. I mean, I understand her kids, but why not her husband. Oh, do not think that her husband was not bothered by those steamy sex scenes with Tony. He was, and he put a stop to it, and it did for a while.


Kerry is what Hollywood would call a very talented actress, but just like the beautiful Sanaa Lathan, showing skin is always, if not most of the time in the contract. However, Kerry is without any media scandals. Her roles have subsided, and she has returned to the theater. Which, by the way, is starting to be the new fad now. She is also has done a few tv skits since Scandal. I also heard she too, is bisexual, but you know that image, has to be secure.

Still, a fan leading back to her role in “Save the Last Dance”. Well, that is, let me know any thoughts below.



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    Thanks so much for the information you deliver I do so love the truth as a pose to a lie this means you have substance and a good heart keeping the truth don’t let anyone tell you differently have blessed day oh and I love your life story truth of the day thanks for sharing

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