“Let’s Workout” Journal Entry 5 (01/10/2020)

Another workday, and I and two other workers were getting back from another meeting. When I get called into my boss’s office. I get there, and he’s pissed. He ask me to take a seat, and he then started abruptly pointing out what another coworker whom I barely speak to said about me. Now, you all have to understand, during my brief time there. I’ve been hit on several times and also given a nickname, “the pretty lady.” Not to mention, I’m surrounded by women in my section.


Furthermore, when the boss comes to your section with whomever and while he’s there, he’s trying to seek your attention, and he’s seen staring at you often. You can feel the hole being burned in the back of your head. So, with all of this being done, and you’re desperately trying to resist temptation. Yet, while in his office, listening to him lecture me, and me being old school and raised not to curse at your boss. I took full blame and said I will notate that. I then asked, “was he done talking.” He’d said, “yes,” and I got up and began to walk out. I guess it’s the gentleman in him. Because he got up and walked me to the door. I suddenly remembered that I forgot my notepad.


So I hastily turn back without thinking while exiting his office, and I bumped into him, face to face, body to body. I almost knocked him and me over, but he grabbed me by my waist on each side to balance me as I grab him by his arm. We then stood there looking in each-other eyes for about 10 seconds. Then as he starts to say something, we hear people talking slightly loudly in the hallway. I took that for a quick exit and left.


Later on, he and I were on our way to lunch. Now, notate, I usually bring my lunch, or I will skip lunch and work on my scripts, videos, etc. But this time I decided to get out of the office and away from my cubicle, and section. Upon arriving at the restaurant, I see him getting out of his car. I thought that was weird, and I tried to avoid him. I get in line and order my food. He finally sees me, and being the socialite he is, he offered for us to eat together. We ate, talked about our families and hobbies, nothing sinister. He then asks me if I work out, I said: “yes, I try too.” He then casually suggested for us to work out together one day. I tell him, “I will let him know.” Apparently, he workouts every morning before work.

That’s when I see it, I finally did the inevitable. I actually looked at him, and boy let me tell you. Underneath his work clothes, he is ripped. Things just got real…


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