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I Was in the Zone and I Don’t Remember Typing the Script of “Kobe Bryant”. There’s also Something Else- Journal Entry 6 (01/28/2020)


I want to warn some of you what I’m about to say. If you don’t have an open mind, then you won’t understand this.


You see, as I was typing the Kobe Bryant plane crash death ORIGINAL SCRIPT, that’s now on my Patreon. It was like, I was in a deep zone, and it was like the information was being fed to me. However, to make this, even more scarier, earlier this month. I was in the middle, had stop and haven’t had the time, and now don’t have the heart to finish the script of Kobe Bryant.


Then to make it even crazier, that movie “Messiah” kept showing up in my feed on Netflix. So, out of pure boredom, my daughter and I decided to make a week out of it, and we watch the entire series of the “Messiah.” While watching, Kobe’s name kept popping up in my head. I think I even mention his name to my daughter at some point.


Now, notate, I haven’t thought of Kobe in years, I don’t even follow him on social media. So, to hear the very last day before my daughter and I finished watching the tv series”Messiah,” and to see it was also a plane crash and to see that Kobe died that way as well, is bizarre. And to also see the government involved in that crash in the tv show “Messiah”, makes me wonder if there’s a message I’m receiving. Is this all a distraction? Because while we’re mourning Kobe’s death, President Trump is getting away with EVERYTHING! Not to mention all the weird things that have been happening in California with climate change, and so on. Now, I don’t know what happened on the plane with Kobe and all the others. But I have a gut feeling that this was planned and premeditated and set to happen on the day it had happened. This is bigger than all of us.


What’s Happening with my YouTube?


I don’t know what’s happening to me. I’ve called my lawyer, but the cost was going to be ridiculous and not to mention the media behind it. I love my privacy and my family safety. I’ve thought about hiring a hacker, and also hacked my computer and tried to figure it out myself. I ended up messing up the wifi on my entire block. And someone or something called my cable/internet provider and told them that something was wrong with my internet. Then the cable guy got to the house and said whatever I was doing set off the entire block line and he had to change all the boxes in my house including my modem/router. Heck, all I was doing was checking my system and scrabbling my IP address. I’ve also witnessed my videos play or fast forward by themselves while I was editing them and without me touching them.

Don’t let me get into all the threatening and weird emails, DMs, text messages that I receive on a daily basis. I’ve even got invitations to join the Illuminati, and of course, I will never join. Then, on top of that, I get subscribers asking me to be more animated and ghetto-like other Youtubers, even my daughter and husband. However my family said it because they’re tired of me stressing. Subscribers have their unknown reasons. But little do they know, I’ve tried everything. And it’s not my delivery and marketing etc. It’s what I’m talking about. So, now I’m moving to plan B.




  1. I felt in my spirit like I did when Prince died that these deaths were very suspect. They occured at times at the heights of this administrations illicit activities and investigations. Much of it all are distractions in preparation for a very insidious deception that’s taking place right under our noses.

    And in between the wretched ratchet reality shows that’s got people zoning out of reality God’s prophecies are being fulfilled. Preparations are being made for the NWO , Martial Law, and many, many deaths by pestilence, war, and civil war.

    All while the churches are losing membership because the truth about nations identies and inhumane and indifferences are being uncovered, exposed.

    God keeps showing us his terrifying vengeance and anger whilst showing those whom he loves mercy. Those in the know want to keep us in the dark. But God’s hand is involved in all things and his will, will be done. He changes not, his words don’t come back void. And no one can and/or will have the ability to take it from him. Pray that you are counted as a worthy remnant . God bless in righteousness.

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  2. I feel that we’re being told a LIE! IT WAS CLEARLY A HIT. Kobe was killed to shut him down. Stop listening to what is being reported. It doesn’t make sense and it won’t, because its all LIES.

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  3. I feel that we’re being told a LIE! IT WAS CLEARLY A HIT. Kobe was killed to shut him down. Stop listening to what is being reported. It doesn’t make sense and it won’t, because its all LIES.

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  4. That’s too much to digest quickly. There is nothing in your account that is impossible. I believe I’ll keep an open mind for now.


  5. You should connect with him. He has had to tip-toe around YT as well. Maybe he can share some helpful hints. OAN…This whole DJT fiasco is again another smoke and mirrors staged distraction. Stay strong my sista. You are not alone.


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