WHY is Wendy Williams on the air with her own talk show?

She isn’t clever, smart, funny or informative!

What she is is cruel and needlessly nasty, torching as many celebrities as have the California wildfires.

Her latest shameful insult was against Joker star Joaquin Phoenix, who wasn’t even on her show. Out of the blue, the mean-mouthed witch mocked the Oscar nominee for the cleft in his upper lip.


Her pointless abuse unleashed a huge backlash, including a heart-tugging tweet from Canadian pro linebacker Adam Bighill, saying: “I have a cleft lip and palate, so does my son who was just born.”

Bighill ended by slamming her as “hideous and offensive” and “promoting bullying.”


Wendy and her producers tried to cool things by apologizing and donating to two groups helping people with disfigurement.

But that’s crocodile tears! Because Wendy makes big bucks from taunting and insulting.

She pulled up the past of Nicki Minaj’s hubby, Kenneth Petty, calling him a “killer” and “sex offender.”


She ridiculed gorgeous, petite songbird Ariana Grande, saying she looked like a child and always would because she’s four-foot-eleven.


She slammed Beyoncé, saying she “can’t talk” and “sounds like she’s got a fifth grade education.”


She described rapper Lil’ Kim’s face as “so tight” from nip/tucks, “a pin would just pop you.” Why Wendy would attack people is a mystery since she’s admittedly had a slew of facial fixes and a boob job and, according to sources, turned a blind eye to her hubby cheating on her for years before divorcing him.


Will Smith and other rappers have blasted Wendy for her viciousness in songs.

Incredibly, Wendy loves it! Getting attention for being cruel and hurtful is her most important — and seemingly ONLY — talent!

“Without their mentions, I might not be on TV now,” she admits.

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