HOW could she?! Hard to believe, but an Indiana mom faces criminal charges for allegedly running her tot through the rinse cycle of her washing machine!

Court documents say the boy’s dad rushed the five-year-old to the hospital, where doctors found him dripping, banged up and barely conscious!


Heather Oliver, 30, claims she was enjoying a glass of milk in her kitchen when she heard the appliance running, and when she went to check, she found the boy must have locked himself inside as the water rose around him.

The child’s father says Oliver called him at work in a panic and he rushed home.


But cops who investigated found no milk in the refrigerator, and noted that the particular model of washer in Oliver’s Elwood house cannot run with the lid open, so there is no way from inside to press the start button!

Doctors who treated the boy say his injuries were “highly suspicious for non-accidental trauma,” and cops who interviewed him three days after the incident report that when they asked the kid about his mother, he replied: “Mom is not nice!”

Oliver was charged with Level 5 felony neglect of a dependent resulting in bodily injury. She was released the next day on bond.


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