AS investigators turn up the heat and damning new evidence explodes around him, scandal-tarred Prince Andrew tried to escape his growing disgrace by taking the coward’s way out — suicide, stunned palace sources tell GLOBE!

Palace courtiers say the 60-year-old Duke of York’s life was hanging by a thread when a bodyguard discovered him unconscious — with foam bubbling from his lips — at Windsor’s Royal Lodge.

A doctor and nurse, sworn to secrecy, were rushed in and saved his life by pumping out an overdose of sleeping pills, according to royal insiders.

“The prince was lying facedown on the carpet and, luckily, the prescription bottle was just inches away, so the medical team knew what they were dealing with,” dishes an insider.

“His pulse was barely noticeable at first, but when they got the poison out of his stomach, his functions began returning to normal.”

Details of Andrew’s emotional meltdown come as new information surfaces linking the randy royal to openly groping underage girls and partying with murdered American sex fiend Jeffrey Epstein, who ran a teenage sex slave ring. One of Epstein’s girls, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, claims she was forced to bed Andrew when she was 17 and he was 41!

Andrew denies her claim, but U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise George says she has a witness who claims to have caught Andrew with his hands all over young beauties during a party at convicted perv Epstein’s private pleasure island, Little St. James, near St. Thomas.


“An employee told me that he saw Prince Andrew on a balcony out at Little Saint James groping girls right out in the open,” she says. “He said he remembered walking up to him and saying, ‘Good morning, Your Highness.’”

Now George is suing Epstein’s $500 million estate for ownership of the billionaire’s private retreat and fears the pedophile’s powerful friends are being protected.

Epstein’s lover Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the late British publishing baron Robert Maxwell and one of the prince’s pals, is at the center of the cover-up scandal — and is refusing to talk, so far.

Ghislaine’s accused of recruiting Epstein’s underage harem and has been in hiding since the 66-year-old exconvict was found hanging in his Manhattan federal jail cell on Aug. 10 while awaiting trial for new sex crimes. Officially, his death was ruled a suicide — but investigators insist Epstein was murdered!

While Ghislaine denies the Epstein Brought back to life after swallowing bottle of pills


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