Harvey Weinstein fell and hit head while in jail, is reflecting on past behavior, rep says


Harvey Weinstein fell and hit head while in jail, is reflecting on past behavior, rep says

The convicted sex offender was transferred from Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan last week to the New York City jail on Rikers Island after an operation on his heart to remove a blockage, according to jail records.

Weinstein’s spokesperson, Juda Engelmayer, told USA TODAY Monday Weinstein shares a cell “with two other older gentlemen” and follows the same schedule as others in Rikers.


Engelmayer was unable to provide further updates on Weinstein’s medical condition as he doesn’t “get much phone time with him,” but he noted Weinstein resides in the infirmary ward. 

Weinstein had been at Bellevue since Feb. 24 when he was convicted of two sex crimes and taken into custody pending sentencing on March 11. On his way to the city’s main jail on an East River island, he suffered chest pains and high blood pressure and was diverted to Bellevue instead..


“Harvey has had time to himself in an environment he appreciates to be vastly different from what he had known,” Engelmayer wrote to USA TODAY in an email. “In this short, but overwhelming period, he has been humbled so much more than he could have known.

“He was mean, he didn’t often show respect, he treated some people with disdain, and he acknowledges it. He recognizes what put him here, and he will continue working on himself to be a better person.”

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