ABUBBLY Florida high school senior was gunned down as she and her boyfriend were doing a deal for some Yeezy sneakers — and two teens have been busted for her murder!

Aspiring nurse Andrea Camps Lacayo, 18 — who was weeks away from graduation — had accompanied boyfriend Sergio Berben to an isolated area near Miami to sell the coveted items, authorities say.

But police say it was a setup and allege the pair were lured to an abandoned house in Homestead by Adrian Cosby and George Walton, who’d agreed to fork over $939 for three pairs of the pricey Adidas kicks.

After they met, investigators say, Walton asked to try on the Kanye West–designed footwear — which retails for about $220 a pair but can fetch hundreds more online from collectors — but suspicious Sergio demanded to see the cash up front!


Cosby, whose plan with Walton to steal the sneakers had been foiled, police say, then fired into the vehicle, with one bullet grazing Sergio’s arm and another striking Andrea in the torso!

Injured Sergio rushed his girlfriend to Jackson South Medical Center. He survived, but she died during surgery. Andrea was literally an angel on Earth,” s grief-stricken pal Vivyanna Fernandez. According to an arrest report, Walton concede he’d planned to “steal the sneakers” nice he’d tried them on.


Cops also claim the pair owned up to the shooting. Cosby and Walton, both 19, are facing charges of second-degree murder, attempted murder and attempted armed robbery and are being held without bond.


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