TERRIFIED Prince Andrew paid billionaire Jeffrey Epstein $15 million after being blackmailed over sex tapes said to be recorded by spy cameras in the murdered pervert’s mansions, stunned investigators claim!

Now the disgraced royal is freaking out as a lawyer for one of Epstein’s underage sex slaves is asking a New York court to force disclosure of damning “smoking gun” video footage shot through the peepholes that peppered the convicted sex offender’s homes, palace insiders leaked.


While the Duke of York has repeatedly insisted he never engaged in any hanky-panky at his perverted pal’s residences, sources believe the prince was caught in a honey trap engineered by Epstein, who is suspected of putting the financial squeeze on Andrew and other high-profile guests who stayed at his homes in Manhattan, Paris, London, New Mexico and the Virgin Islands.

“We hear Andrew was shaken down for $15 million after Epstein threatened to bare dirt that could devastate Britain’s monarchy,” an investigator says. “Apparently, Andrew was eager to avoid even the whiff of a scandal and coughed up the cash — while swearing he’d done nothing wrong. We believe his motive was to protect his own reputation and spare his mother, Queen Elizabeth, any embarrassment. It’s his living nightmare.”


But attorney Brad Edwards, lawyer for former Epstein sex slave Virginia Roberts, is hot on the trail of the rumored videos. He’s asked a New York federal court to order Epstein’s estate to turn over an evidence trove of emails, photos and security footage. Sources say the materials could convict Andrew: Virginia claims she bedded the prince on Epstein’s orders when the prince was 41 and she was 17.


Edwards’ 21-page filing demands “all written or electronic correspondences” between Epstein and Andrew, details of the duke’s visits to the pedophile Epstein blackmailed prince with threat to expose damning tapes -investigator dophile’s homes, and “any evidence that he engaged in sexual activity or massages while at them.”

As previously reported, the shamed prince has been forced to step down from his royal duties over his 12year friendship with the twisted creep. Sources say he’s attempted suicide, facing extradition to the U.S., and is begging for a nojail plea deal after being secretly indicted by a federal grand jury for his role in the Epstein affair.

Although Andrew still maintains his innocence despite refusing to cooperate with lawmen, evidence is mounting against him, sources say. Spycam footage requested by Roberts and her lawyers could be the final smoking gun — if it exists, sources claim.

As reported, Roberts claims Epstein and his mistress, heiress Ghislaine Maxwell, pimped her out to the prince in 2001.

After a night of dancing at London’s trendy Tramp nightclub, Roberts says she and the duke met up at Maxwell’s townhouse, where he sucked on her toes during a naked bath and then had sex.

Andrew denies the tryst, one of three she claims, and insists they never met, even though Roberts had a 2001 photo of him with his arm around her with Maxwell standing in the background.

Also, reported a worker claims he saw the prince groping a bikini-clad Roberts at one of Epestates.


The duke also claims he barely knows Maxwell, who’s been in hiding since Epstein’s suspicious Aug. 10 death in a Manhattan prison cell while awaiting trial on new sex charges. His death was officially ruled a suicide, but investigators have uncovered a mountain of evidence proving murder!

Andrew’s life has been ruined since Epstein’s death.


“Andrew was born at the top of the world — a wealthy prince of England — and now has fallen to disgrace and complete ruin and is facing jail time if convicted,” says the insider.

“He truly has nothing to live for. Tragically, he may see suicide as his only option.”


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