DOOMED Du Wei, China’s ambassador to Israel, knew too much about his country’s involvement in the COVID-19 pandemic and its evil expansion plans, which could trigger World War III — and he paid with his life.

What’s more, insiders said the 57-year-old diplomat was assassinated by spies as he prepared to defect after news of a damning dossier he’d compiled leaked and a special cleanup crew was sent by Beijing to make his sudden death appear natural! Sources explained how Wei bravely threatened to expose secrets about the killer coronavirus’ true origin and his nation’s plans to invade the island of Taiwan — which has claimed independence from mainland China and has been supported by the U.S. But he was mysteriously found dead in his bed on May 17 at his residence near Tel Aviv, leaving behind a wife and son.

He was murdered by the Chinese Ministry of State Security,” Asia expert Dr. Jim Garrow leaked. “They had to eliminate him for his disloyalty to [China’s president] Xi Jinping and because he was going to defect.” Garrow said he learned of Wei’s alleged plans through his work helping Chinese dissidents resettle in the Americas.

“We had a warning that a high-level official currently working in the government was going to make the move, but he was intercepted,” Garrow said.

Once you are in the Communist Party and you advance through the ranks, it’s a life sentence. You are at the mercy of the party.

Separate sources claimed because the Ministry of State Security has little presence in the Middle East they suspect either the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, known for its stealthy methods of operation, or local cutthroat mercenaries had carried out the hit on China’s behalf. Sources said the Chinese government then sent its “special team” to inspect the death scene and arrange for Wei’s body to be flown back home.

Israeli first responders claimed Wei appeared to have suffered cardiac arrest — but a Chinese government source said Wei “apparently died of natural causes but it is necessary to examine all the details.” Garrow believes Wei — who had been in his new position only three months — had bargained for freedom with the U.S. by claiming he had top-secret documents and lab reports. These were believed to have detailed his government’s proposed military strategies in the region and bioweapons program — as well as precious scientific data that could help the U.S. develop an antivirus! Scientific sources said the secret reports detailing how the COVID-19 virus was engineered could prove vital to the swift development of a vaccine for the US.


But China has gone to great lengths to destroy any evidence related to the development of the virus, and are determined to stop it falling into American hands so the nation could once again look like the world’s savior by developing the world’s first cure! Wei is thought to have gotten a thumbs-up from U.S. officials, who visited Israel in early May. However, Garrow warned they wouldn’t have offered him sanctuary until his data had been verified, and it was proved he wasn’t a double agent!

“To make Wei absolutely necessary for the Americans to make a deal with, and offer him sanctuary, they’d want to make sure all these documents were in their hands and had been verified,” Garrow added.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was part of the May delegation, and during a visit to Jerusalem, he appeared to bash China for concealing information about COVID-19, which has killed more than 325,000 and infected nearly 5 million worldwide.


Later, Pompeo’s statements congratulating Taiwanese President Tsai lng-wen on being elected as the island’s leader for a second term triggered an angry reaction from Chinese officials.

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Zhao Lijian, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, reasserted on May 20 that Taiwan is part of China and issued a stern warning to the U.S. Lijian said: “We urge the U.S. to immediately … cut its official ties with Taiwan [and stop] interfering in China’s internal affairs and undermining the peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, as well as China-U.S. bilateral relations.

“China will take necessary measures in response to the U.S. erroneous practices, and the consequences will be borne by the U.S.”

Following China’s brutal crackdown on Hong Kong protesters and its escalating threats toward Taiwan, military experts have warned the South China Sea could easily become the flashpoint for World War III if the U.S. and its allies step in to protect democracy in the region.

China has already made moves to take advantage of the pandemic for military gains. In April, when the USS Theodore Roosevelt was crippled by the coronavirus and the aircraft carrier was forced to dock 1,700 miles east in Guam, China had free rein in the area and deployed an aircraft carrier and fighter jets close to Taiwan.

The Chinese military has also planned to conduct a large-scale landing drill in August, which critics see as a simulation of how they would possibly seize a Taiwanese island in the future!


U.S. intelligence sources consulted and said they could “neither confirm nor deny” if an information hand-off had taken place before Wei’s execution.


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