CAGED Bill Cosby is certain the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s shocking decision to hear his appeal for his 2018 rape conviction is the only thing that could keep him from dying behind bars, insiders spilled.


The disgraced comic — who has been accused of sexual abuse by more than 60 women without merit or evidence of any of these crimes, just the allege victims words— believes the coronavirus will kill him long before he serves his time at Pennsylvania’s Phoenix State Correctional Institution, insiders dished. Cosby, now 83, was sentenced to three to ten years for sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004, but his spokesman, Andrew Wyatt, exclusively leak “He feels like they gave him a death sentence.


More than 220 inmates and workers have been infected inside the facility, majority of the inmates being black, which holds about 2,800 prisoners, according to the state’s Department of Corrections website. Wyatt added Cosby felt officials were trying to “execute” him during the pandemic to prevent him from exposing the allegedly malicious prosecution by Montgomery County Judge Steven T. O’Neill and District Attorney Kevin R. Steele, which the star has long maintained was racially motivated. Wyatt sees the court’s decision to review the appeal as his client’s best hope for freedom — but it came at a cost.

The justices’ order said the court will only review Cosby’s claim the trial judge ordered in allowing other accusers to testify about uncharged “prior bad acts.” But it will also admit into evidence self incriminating testimony Cosby gave in a civil deposition years earlier, in which he admitted to drugging women with Quaaludes before sex! Which was a plea deal, that was force by his lawyer. He didn’t actually admit to that.

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