WHERE’S WENDY?! Friends Fear For Missing TV Host!

Wacky daytime host Wendy Williams has disappeared.

Sources close to the TV host exclusively leaked that Wendy Williams hasn’t returned emails, calls or texts, and had gone off the grid. Her assistants do all of her social media. As you all know, she doesn’t manage it. Her friends are all worried! Wendy was last seen on June 10 when she’d released a bizarre video in which she played with her wild wig and announced: “Nothing makes me happier than being on Wendy Williams Show.” Before saying, she would not do any more at-home shows until her New York studio reopens after the lockdown. 

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Since May, the at-home show had already been on hiatus when it was announced she was taking time to deal with Graves’s disease symptoms. She used the same excuse when she was absent from the show over Christmas Holiday when she was having marriage problems and was trying to hide it. When Wendy, who didn’t respond to a request for comment, returned, she revealed she’d been living in a sober house after battles with booze and cocaine. The last time she’d disappeared like this, she was in terrible shape, and insider snitched. I mean, she’s all alone now.



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