It was a warm day in L.A, and Lisa, and Elle Dixon, who are both mixed on the cheerleading team. Lisa being the dancer, glamorous, and frontline cheerleader. With long dark brown flat iron hair and Elle being a gymnast who wears her natural curls.

They were raised to follow their parents footsteps, Mr. Richard a Marketing Director (black), and Mrs. Alice Dixon (white), an Anatomy Professor, by attending UCLA. However, although they’re twins, they’re very different. Lisa wants to go to a fashion school in London, and Elle wants to go to Stanford to become a professional gymnast. 


Graduation Ball 

The night of their graduation ball. Whereas their parents were using it to get them recruited into UCLA. They invited most of their old college friends from UCLA, and three of the admission committee team. 

Two were women who attends their mother’s country club; 

Fran Stewart who brought her son, Josh (the YouTuber)

Charlotte Larson and her husband Walter, who plays golf with Richard.

And one who is also their father’s golf buddy, Adam White, and his wife, Sarah. 

As their parents smooch and dine, and all the guests arrived. It was now time for the girl’s entrance. They both wore ankle blue evening gowns. 

Lisa’s Gown was an A-Line Off-the-Shoulder Sweep Train Tulle Evening Dress with Sequins. 

Elle’s Gown was the same but with a V-Line, shoulder straps.

Lisa came gallantly down the steps, holding the dress, and the other hand beautifully gliding along the stairs banister. (because she’s afraid of heights.)  

Elle graciously walked down the stairs while carefully holding up the front part of her dress. (Isn’t afraid of heights)

While looking proudly at their parents, who were waiting at the bottom of the steps to escort them. They were then introduced to guests and the committee members. 

Meanwhile, the YouTuber Josh was recording random moments of the party and taking selfies. The twins even took a few with him. 


Later it was overheard that their father’s golf buddy Adam, a prominent decision-maker in the college acceptance committee. Had only accepted Lisa’s application. The reason was that Lisa had high grades and excellent recommendations from all of her teachers and from the pet shelter that she volunteers at. Elle had only high grades, but not enough recommendations. 

Suddenly, there was a commotion coming from the kitchen. The twins were heard yelling at Josh, who accused them of stealing his phone. 

Josh (he discreetly yelled)- Where is my phone?! 

Elle- How would we know, maybe you misplaced it? 

LisaYeah, like, why would you take your soulmate, and seemingly only friend, you weirdo. I mean, who comes to an old person party and record boring YouTube videos- just lame. 

Elle- (chuckles) I know 

Josh face suddenly turns red, and he starts to ball his fists.

Josh- (clenching his teeth, and spoke somewhat discreetly)

 Look, first of all, evil Gemini twins, Hag and Hagatha. I was forced to come to your suck up ball. And for your information, I have over 3 million subscribers, and my parents aren’t paying for my college tuition, or my car, or my condo, that I just bought. Unlike you, you little Bit—

Lisa (Gasps/interrupts) Wha—

Elle stops her and starts pointing her finger into Josh’s face.

Elle- (mildly yells) You little sh*t! Who do you think you’re talking too?! You little –

They all started arguing and yelling back and forth, nothing could be understood. Josh’s mother, Fran, and their mother broke them up. Josh suddenly thought (Oh, I have everything backed up on Google anyway, I can get it all back) and flipped them the finger and left. 


Three hours past and the party was winding down. But where was Adam White? Alice asks his wife Sarah, who was immersed in a conversation, and on her 4th glass of wine, talking with someone from the party. Said he went upstairs to the restroom, because the one down here was occupied. But didn’t remember how long ago that was. She offered to go up and check on him.  

Suddenly there was a scream 


Richard and Alice were the first people to run upstairs to find Sarah, crying frantically, yelling with her hands over her mouth, and slowly backing up to sit on the nearby toilet, looking at her husband’s blood body leaped over the sink with his throat sliced. 

Alice (screamed) –Oh my God, what happened?! 

Alice quickly composed herself and went into doctor mode and checked Adam’s pulse.

Alice (blurted)- He’s dead! 

Richard speechless, yells over of the top stairs balcony for someone to call 911. 

Moments later, cops centered off the house, questioned all guests, and so on. 


Three months passed, and it was time for the twins to go off to college. After that tragedy, their parents had allowed them to go to their chosen colleges. They were too stressed and emotionally drained to care. Their neighbors and friends looked at them differently, and they lost a lot of their social status.  

One year passed, and Thanksgiving was near, and the case went cold. 

Alice decides to do something to revitalize their reputation by throwing their yearly Thanksgiving party. Last year they canceled. She goes upstairs to change and to also grab the available invitations from the previous year from the back of the closet. Suddenly, a box falls, and she reaches down to pick up the dropped items when she suddenly sees a phone. 

Alice (Thinking) –What is this doing here? I wonder what’s on it and who it belongs too? Oh, it looks like it takes my charger. 

Alice takes the phone into her office where her charger was and plugs it up. After it charges, she attempts to unlock it but had no luck. She gave up and noted later to take it to one of her tech students at the college, and get it unlocked.



Hours of many errands later. And almost completing the Thanksgiving party checklist. She had the phone unlock. So, she pours herself a glass of wine, while sitting at the kitchen counter, and begun to look through the phone. 

Alice-( quietly talks to herself) Oh, this is from the girl’s graduation ball. This must be that YouTubers phone. Wow, he had a lot of pics and video footage. Hold up, what was that? 

Alice suddenly sees in the background of one of the pics, Adam White going upstairs and then the bottom part of one of the twin dresses following behind. 

Alice (irritable)- Damnit, it quickly pans off, and all you see is Adam walking up the stairs in the background, the bottom part of one of the twins dressed, and the wall and banister as she walks up. 

Alice uploads the video to her computer and slows it down. That is when she realizes who killed Adam. 

Alice (gasps)- Oh, NO!! 

The End, who do you think killed Adam White? Remember, it’s always the small things that are overlooked that sometimes cracks the whole entire case. 


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Dianna says:

    It’s simple, Elle killed him. She wanted to go to Stanford not her sister. Lisa Wanted to dance. Also most importantly Lisa was afraid of heights. I’m assuming the twin left in a haste and once slowed downed Alice realized she wasn’t hold on the the banister, so I deduct it was Elle. 🤔 Maybe she was trying to seduce him and it went left..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thetruthshow says:

      Dianna, hub 🤔


      1. Anonymous says:

        I think it’s Alice!

        Liked by 1 person

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