Snubs sibling who charges mom pimped her to pedos

Mariah Carey is turning her back on her sister, who’s caught in a raging battle over revelations charging shocking sex abuse and devil worship, sources say!

While the 50-year-old Mariah Carey is out promoting her new bio due in stores next month, her troubled older sis, Alison, 57, is suing their mom, Patricia, 83, for damages for claiming she was forced to perform sex acts with strangers when she was as young as 10 during satanic gatherings that included ritual sacrifice. That has been rumored of Carey of being a victim of as well.

In her court filing, Alison claims she was whisked to “middle-of-the-night” gatherings, where her mom, a former opera singer, “made her witness people engaged in sexual acts with adults and children” and also forced her and Carey to take part in the sick goings-on.


She also claims her mom made her go into a car alone with a man from the family’s church who then forced himself onto her.

“I stayed in the car until he tried to get me to touch him,” she claims. “Then I tried to get out.”

Alison, who’s HIV positive, blames a troubled childhood for a slew of problems, including a 2016 bust on a prostitution charge.

“As a result, [Alison] has been diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety and major depression, leading her to misuse both legal and illegal drugs in an attempt to suppress the horrific memories, and to undergo extensive professional counseling,” say court documents.


Meanwhile, younger sister Mariah, who would have been three at the time of the alleged abuse, has ignored her sister’s lawsuit and has turned her complete focus on promoting her memoir — The Meaning of Mariah Carey — published by Andy Cohen Books and set for a Sept. 29 release has stated,

“Mariah couldn’t care less about Alison and is telling friends she’s never been anything but trouble and she’s not to be believed,” blabs an insider. This insider also said this–

“Mariah won’t take calls or have conversations about anything else except her book, and if there were a way to officially divorce her sister, she’d do it without hesitation.”

Also added this tattletale: “Ever since she can remember, Alison has been a thorn in her side. Mariah has zero interest Alison and finds the whole saga involving these claims against her mom totally vile.”

Sources say the Mariah Carey also refuses to speak to her brother, Morgan, 60, though the singer’s rep has claimed Mariah lavished big money on her family in the past.

“He’s clearly on Alison’s side, and Mariah hasn’t forgiven him for speaking out against her in public,” reveals the source.

The way Mariah sees it, they’re both jealous of her and what they can’t have. What’s important to her right now: the release of this book. She’s not letting these wild allegations interfere with her big plans.



It seems that Mariah Carey is desperately trying to avoid her dark past, hence her siblings. However, until she learns to accept it, it will continue to haunt her. I mean, how can Mariah call herself an idol or woman a mother. If she ignores child abuse, she knows her siblings are telling the truth. She doesn’t want to face it.


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