Kate Middleton is Pregnant Again and is Handed a New Role while Meghan Markle does Charity and Fight for People to Vote

As you all should know, the Queen insisted, and Prince William himself had stated that he didn’t want any more kids. But it seems that Middleton likes being pregnant. She like the attention she receives when she’s pregnant. I mean, think about Prince William is more attentive, and the media has shown biases and the double standard between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

The more good Markle does, the more hate she receives. Because in the UK eyes, they feel that she took their Prince away. But if they paid close attention to Markle and Harry’s body language, they would see that Prince Harry is very much in control and isn’t being manipulated in any form.

So, as you can see, Prince Harry is in control and it’s Meghan Markle who’s petrified just like father had said.

Meanwhile, in recent news Kate Middleton is adjusting to more responsibilities and being pregnant for the forth time as she joins the scouts to toast marshmallows and and mandatory less speaking times.

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